Significant Teeth Whitening Advice You Need To Know

Cases of darker or more severe discoloration may require a longer application time to create the end result you are hoping for.

How can you determine how white the teeth will get?
Various circumstances can impact individual whitening outcomes, such as the starting color of the enamel, everyday practices (including certain foods or drinks or tobacco use), and the potency of the whitening solution used for the treatment. Even though you may have optimal results after one whitening treatment, we cannot predict what your ultimate outcome will look like. However, choosing expert teeth whitening offers the safest and most desirable results for the appearance of your teeth.

When you want to improve the general quality of your smile, expert teeth whitening might be just what is required to whiten the appearance of your teeth and generate a younger-looking you. Our team of dentists at DentalWorks – Concord is proud to offer the simple cosmetic solution of teeth whitening as an individual treatment or in conjunction with other aesthetic dentistry options. With the use of prescription-strength formulas chosen to match your needs, teeth whitening is able to brighten your smile by up to several shades for significant improvement and increased self-confidence. Contact us in Kannapolis, NC today to discover more and see if expert teeth whitening is ideal for you.