Significant Teeth Whitening Information You Need To Understand

Among the most beneficial things about working with Allen Park, MI dentists is that your treatment can be tailored to help you reach your individualized smile goals. Our team will provide the whitening approach ideal for you (in-office or at-home) and select the ideal whitening services to match your smile goals. Take-home whitening trays are created from impressions of your smile, which aids in making sure you obtain optimal results and a comfortable but secure fit. These personalized trays also help in containing the whitening gel and helping it stay in contact with your enamel for the necessary amount of time to obtain the wanted outcome.

Expert teeth whitening can be a single service or a component of a larger treatment plan.
Depending on your personal smile goals, teeth whitening might be the only kind of aesthetic service you require. Nonetheless, it may be a service in a more extensive treatment approach, such as a complete smile makeover or full-mouth rehabilitation. Our DentalWorks – Allen Park dentists help you to determine if teeth whitening is an appropriate option to improve your smile and at what point throughout the restoration process it should take place.

Expert teeth whitening does not affect the color of dental restorations.
It is important to understand that, while teeth whitening solutions may surely brighten the color of natural tooth enamel, they have no result on restorative materials, including those utilized for composite fillings and bonding or porcelain veneers and crowns. It could be ideal to lighten the natural teeth first and then have any restorations switched out to blend with the new shade of your teeth. In a few circumstances, teeth whitening may not be a good choice if whitening the smile would lead to a distinction between your enamel color and the color of any current restorations you might have. Our Allen Park, MI dental team can help you in deciding the best option for your smile goals and dental health needs.

How does expert teeth whitening work?
Professional teeth whitening functions with the use of a concentrated solution that is placed on the teeth in the form of a gel. When the gel remains on the teeth for a specific length of time, the stains and discoloration existing on the layer of the tooth enamel begin to carefully disintegrate and lift away. Based on the potency of the solution and the kind of treatment method used, teeth whitening could brighten the enamel by a few shades with only a single application. Cases of darker or more severe discoloration could need a longer treatment time to obtain the outcome you are hoping for.

How can you predict how bright your smile will get?
Multiple factors can affect individual whitening results, such as the starting shade of the enamel, lifestyle habits (such as coffee consumption or tobacco use), and the strength of the whitening solution used during the treatment. Although you may have noticeable results with just one whitening treatment, we are unable to predict what your final outcome will be. Nevertheless, opting for expert teeth whitening offers the most secure and most desirable results for the appearance of your teeth.

When you are ready to upgrade the overall quality of your smile, expert teeth whitening may be just what is necessary to lighten the look of your teeth and create a younger-looking you. Our team of dentists at DentalWorks – Allen Park is pleased to offer the simple cosmetic solution of teeth whitening as a lone procedure or in combination with other cosmetic dentistry treatments. Utilizing prescription-strength gel selected to meet your goals, teeth whitening is able to whiten your teeth by numerous shades for noticeable improvement and elevated self-esteem. Make a consultation with us in Allen Park, MI today to learn more and detect if expert teeth whitening is ideal for you.