Straighten Your Smile With Invisalign Treatment

While even, straight teeth are more in demand than ever, traditional metal braces are utilized less and less. Ever since Invisalign was created, patients have been flocking to their dentists in Bloomingdale, IL to learn about this radical process that can create a straighter, healthy smile. Unlike cumbersome metal braces, Invisalign uses clear, removable trays that gently move teeth into correct alignment. The latest Invisalign system is great for all the busy residents of Bloomingdale, IL who don’t want braces, which they worry could detract from their appearance or professional demeanor. Our remarkable team of dental professionals at DentalWorks – Bloomingdale offer Invisalign as a highly effective treatment for patients who need straighter teeth without the visibility of standard braces.

Invisalign is a good choice for adults or older teens who have their permanent teeth and want to repair a dental misalignment. Invisalign is recommended by dentists to take care of many common alignment issues, including crooked teeth, gaps between the teeth, and crowding, as well as overbites, under bites, and crossbites. Often, patients choose Invisalign simply for the convenience and discreetness factors. Most people won’t even know that you’re wearing them, and they can be taken out for eating, cleaning, and special occasions. Most patients prefer Invisalign over metal braces because they are clear, simple, and discreet.

While Invisalign can straighten up mild to moderate misalignment, it is usually not recommended for significant problems, like a pronounced overbite or large gaps. Your dentist in Bloomingdale, IL will assess your teeth to decide if Invisalign is the best alternative for you. It’s equally important to remember that treating your teeth with Invisalign requires being responsible with the aligners. You need to wear them most of the time (at least 20 hours a day), and you will also need to be extremely careful with where you store them. If you can’t keep track of the aligners or have to replace them, your treatment will get more costly, and this will slow down your progress. Unlike conventional braces that are worn for your entire treatment, Invisalign requires more effort on your part. You must remember to wear the aligners as much as possible. Forgetting to wear your aligners will postpone your progress, as your teeth will take longer to move into their proper positions. If you are reluctant to commit to the time and upkeep involved with Invisalign, you may want to consider other choices.

In order to start your Invisalign treatment, digital molds of your teeth will be made. These molds are used to make your initial set of aligners. The aligners may be made for your top and/or bottom teeth, depending on your needs. Every few weeks, you will need to exchange your aligners with new ones. This will slowly change your teeth into the right positions. Your dentist will occasionally take new scans of your teeth to monitor your progress and help create new sets of aligners. In order to get the best results out of your treatment, you must wear the aligners as much as possible, only removing them to eat and brush your teeth.
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When compared to classic braces, the upkeep with Invisalign is rather easy.
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You don’t have to worry about rubber bands or the pain associated with tightening brackets and wires. Brushing and flossing are easy. You simply remove the aligners to gain unobstructed access to your teeth. Other perks of Invisalign include eating whatever you like and being able to remove them for important occasions. Since your food won’t ever come into contact with the aligners, they can’t be damaged. However, you do need to rinse your mouth and aligners before putting them back in. Patients will need to visit their dentist every few weeks to check on how their teeth are progressing. Your dentist will ask if you’ve had any issues with your current aligners and check if your teeth are ready for their next set. It is important to follow your dentist’s advice and not wear one set of aligners too long or attempt to skip a set, as this will have an effect on your progress and might extend your Invisalign treatment time.

Each patient’s treatment plan is different, so the amount of time it requires to straighten your teeth will vary from patient to patient. Numerous factors influence the treatment time, including the severity and type of dental issues that need to be adjusted, along with the number of aligner sets needed to attain the desired results. On average, the treatment time can range from 12 – 18 months. After your first meeting with your dentist and having your digital molds made, you will have a much better idea of the treatment time.

Once Invisalign treatment has put your teeth into their correct places, your gums and jawbone will need a little extra time to adjust. Therefore, it is so important to consistently wear your retainer. Each retainer is made of the same clear material as Invisalign, so they are comfortable and barely noticeable. In the beginning, you need to wear your retainer as often as you wore your aligners: at least 20 hours a day. However, eventually], you will begin only wearing your retainer at night to maintain the new placement of your teeth.

To learn more about Invisalign, please contact our office in Bloomingdale, IL to schedule a consultation. We would be happy to spend some time to providing answers about the Invisalign process. Our team of dental professionals at DentalWorks – Bloomingdale will provide a customized Invisalign treatment plan that will outline the steps of how Invisalign will help you get your best smile.
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The complete cost of your Invisalign treatment, along with an estimated treatment timeline, will also be provided during your consultation. Call us today to learn if Invisalign is right for you.