Ahmad Muhieddine

Dr. Muhieddine

Dr. Ahmad Muhieddine, or Dr. Dean, earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Cleveland State University in 2007. Dr. Dean decided to pursue psychology because he is fascinated with the human mind and all of its capabilities. Afterwards, he attended Case Western Reserve University where he graduated with his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 2013. One of the reasons Dr. Dean decided to pursue dentistry is because he enjoys working with his hands and working with people. Dr. Dean feels that restoring his patients’ smiles and oral health is just an added bonus to his profession. 

Dr. Dean continues to enhance his education by participating in continuing education courses in all aspects of dentistry with a concentration in Implants, Implant Restoration and Aesthetics. In addition, he has spent a large portion of his time learning the details of the various aspects of dentistry so that he can provide his patients with the greatest quality of service possible. 

When he isn’t practicing dentistry, Dr. Dean and his wife spend their time outdoors with their daughter, Sophia. The family also enjoys watching various types of movies together. However, one of their favorite things to do is join their extended family and friends at kid-friendly activities and events. In the past, Dr. Dean has volunteered his time to provide for underserved children by giving them preventative treatment, such as cleanings, exams and sealants. Additionally, he has volunteered at a free clinic to help patients who require immediate attention. Some of his favorite words to live by are, “No regrets, only lessons” and “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”