Aishwarya Kudav

Dr. Kudav attended UCLA School of Dentistry in 2019 to complete her post-graduation specialization in Restorative dentistry, which forms the bedrock of her professional career in Dentistry. Her dental foundation was laid in 2017 at D.Y.Patil University, School of Dentistry, India.

Joining a private practice as an Associate Dentist in 2017 helped her understand the intricate nuances of the profession while giving an insight into what goes in patient satisfaction.

Dr. Kudav’s practice philosophy is based on quality care and compassion. She is committed to building a trusting relationship with her patients, knowing that a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile can alter lives!

A member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and the Indian Dental Association, Dr. Kudav is a firm believer in learning and upgrading being a never-ending process. Her eye for perfection and motto of ‘patient first’, drive her to upgrade and upskill for professional excellence.

When she isn’t practicing dentistry, Dr. Kudav likes to hone her skills in paintings & Indian classical music. In her leisure time, she enjoys singing, sketching, reading, and connecting with family and friends.