Anthony Clark

Dr. Tony Clark believes cosmetic dentistry is a treatment choice and most of all, an attitude. Whether it is well done white fillings, or teaching a person how to care for their teeth, all these things matter in the beauty of a smile. He thinks all people have the ability to have a great smile in the style and on the budget that is right for them.

Dr. Clark has volunteered for medical charities as well as Habitat for Humanity and the Humane Society. He enjoys vacationing in whatever part of the United States he has yet to see especially visiting friends in California and the Carolinas. He is an avid listener of all types of music and loves to travel to whatever location he can sneak away for the weekend for a concert. Dr. Clark can’t wait to show you his new office, make you feel at home there, and give you the type of treatment you deserve.

Dr. Clark is extensively trained in almost every aspect of dentistry. After graduating from dental school he attended two years of non-required residencies at the Chandler Medical Center at the University of Kentucky. The first he completed is called a General Practice Residency where he had too many experiences to list in all aspects of dentistry from taking care of patients’ priority head and neck radiation, to sedating extremely fearful patients. He had extensive experience along with the Pediatric Dental residents at outside clinics. The year he spent in this residency lead to his second year of advanced training in the Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery department of the hospital. While he was an intern in Oral Surgery at the University of Kentucky, his experiences were also far-ranging and numerous from large facial fractures and reconstruction, third molar (“wisdom teeth”) extractions, to deep sedation and general anesthesia. He also gave instruction to dental students while they rotated through the surgical department.

After he finished his year in Oral Surgery, he went on to the practice of general dentistry where he has focused continued training in sedation dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. In fact, he has trained with several very famous and influential cosmetic dentists including over 100 hours with the Pac-Live group and others. Through meeting and associating with famous cosmetic dentists from places like New York City, Beverly Hills, and Miami, he has gained an extensive grasp of how cosmetic dentistry can change someone’s life. But he still strongly believes a patient’s needs and wants are why he became a doctor and offers those services when and if someone is ready for them.