Christopher J. Devlin

Dr. Christopher Devlin started Highland Dental Care & Orthodontics in 2009. Dr. Devlin practices chairside Monday through Wednesday, and the remainder of the week he utilizes his experience to coach and train other doctors throughout the country. Along with helping his own dental team grow, he is dedicated to helping other doctors achieve their own individual successes and goals. Dr. Devlin is highly motivated and energetic, and expects the same from those who work with him. Dr. Devlin brings with him 15 years of experience in all facets of general dentistry. Born and raised in New Jersey, he received his degree from UMDNJ – New Jersey Dental School. He continued on to complete a General Practice Residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida, as well as an additional six months of oral surgery training at Jackson Memorial in Miami. He has practiced in New Jersey, Nashville, Tennessee, and now Texas. Highland Dental Care encompasses all aspects of general dentistry, in addition to providing orthodontics. Dr. Devlin strongly believes in providing all modalities of dental treatment and comprehensive care for his patients in one place. Dr. Devlin is currently a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, and the American Orthodontic Society. He is a graduate of both levels I and II of Dental Boot Kamp as well as the Bell Leadership program. Shortly after starting Highland Dental Care, he was a founding member of the Dental One Doctor Advisory Board. Throughout his career, he has been a member of the Seattle Study Club and the Jersey Coast Dental Forum, allowing him the opportunity to learn from dentistry’s top clinicians worldwide. He knows the values and benefits of continuing education, and his credits far exceed those needed for licensure. Dr. Devlin has a strong background in endodontics and oral surgery, while his artistic side lends itself to his passion for cosmetic dentistry and aesthetics. He greatly enjoys the freedom that practicing general dentistry allows him. Previously, he was a practicing member of DOCS, but has come to realize that proper patient care, communication, and trust can overcome the need for any sedation techniques. In his eyes as well as that of his team, it is all about the patient experience, and they strive to provide an experience unlike any other. Spend time in their office and you will learn this very quickly, from the lighthearted atmosphere and laughter to the ’80s rock blaring through the office speakers. Dr. Devlin has lectured for Nobel Biocare on implant placement and restoration, as well as lecturing on his most passionate belief, leadership. He is dedicated to his team and his patients, some of whom travel from Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Jersey, and South Padre Island for their dental care. During his free time, Dr. Devlin has a passion for cars and can talk about them for hours. He also enjoys traveling, snowboarding, mountain biking, working out, and drawing.