David Jones

Dr. Jones

Dr. David Jones received his Bachelor of Arts degree in biology at Carson-Newman University in 1987. He then furthered his education at the University of Tennessee where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1991. Post-graduation, Dr. Jones served in the U.S. Army for five years; while serving, he was also in a one-year Advanced Education Program in General Dentistry.

After the military, Dr. Jones went back to school at the University of Maryland for two years where he received his certificate in Endodontics in 1998. After his Endodontic training, Dr. Jones moved to Minnesota where he was an associate and taught at the University of Minnesota in the Endodontic program for two years.

Dr. Jones has been in Northern Colorado since 2000 and has been an owner of a well-established Endodontic practice since then. In 2017, Dr. Jones left his private practice to work for Rock Canyon Dental Care.

He continues to improve his skills by participating in local study groups and attending conferences. Dr. Jones is a member of the Seattle Study Club, the Colorado Dental Association and the American Association of Endodontics. Dr. Jones felt the need to understand the process of dental implants on a deeper level, because he wanted to be able to educate his patients and make the best possible treatment recommendations for them. So he attended a one-year program of over 300 hours of education at Loma Linda University affiliated with dental implants.

When he is not in the office, Dr. Jones enjoys spending time outdoors skiing or camping. He has been very active with the Boy Scouts of America throughout his entire life. Dr. Jones also loves traveling and spending time with his family.

Words that Dr. Jones lives by: “Treat others the way you would want to be treated.”