Ermias Workneh

Dr. Ermias Workneh favorite quote is, “A beautiful smile is the best gift you can give to your patients. So, get up, pick up yourself, wear that smile, let other people smile with you too.” Dr. Workneh earned his undergraduate degree in Biology at The Ohio State University in 2008. He then went to study at Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry and graduated with his degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery. He also did post-grad dental residency training at NYU Langone Advanced Education in General Dentistry.

Dr. Workneh enjoys practicing as a general dentist because he loves to help people who are suffering from dental diseases and alleviate them from the pain. He is very inspired to educate patients about the importance of dental care and the correlation between dental/oral diseases and systemic diseases. Some patients lost their confidence in smiling because of missing/broken teeth or bad teeth; he enjoys fixing missing/broken teeth to enhance the patient’s confidence and smile.

Dr. Workneh specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the oral cavity, including the teeth and gums. He also provides treatment in, comprehensive dental exams, emergency/limited exams, restoratives/fillings, restoration of the edentulous space, crowns and bridges, complete and partial dentures, periodontal therapy, extractions, and endo therapy.

Dr. Workneh enjoys playing table tennis, reading books, and watching movies with his family during his leisure time. He enjoys spending time with his kids. He has two children: two girls, ages four and eight.