James N. Smith

Dr. James N. Smith received his Doctoral of Dental Medicine from the University of Pittsburgh in 1982. Dr. Smith, who is a highly skilled dentist, spent 16 years as the Senior Dental Director for DentalWorks. He resides in Wilmington, North Carolina, with his wife Laura. Together they have three children: Gina, Maria, and Elisa. Dr. Smith enjoys keeping up with the latest innovations in dentistry, especially in the areas of orthodontics, root canals, implants, cosmetic dentistry, crowns and bridges. In his spare time, Dr. Smith has enjoyed the success of being a professional country songwriter and has had many of his songs recorded. Dr. Smith joined DentalWorks in 1991. He is a partner at the Wilmington office. Dr. Smith’s personal philosophy for his practice is to provide comprehensive, gentle dental care at the highest level of quality and service.