Luana Badea

Dr. Luana Badea received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the University of Health Science Center in San Antonio. She continued her education by completing a residency in Advanced General Dentistry at the same school. Dr. Badea became a Fellow in The Academy of General Dentistry in 2016, an award won by only 6% of dentists nationwide. The Central Texas Academy of General dentistry in Austin recognized Dr. Badea as the 2017 New Dentist of the Year for outstanding leadership and service. This award is considered the most prestigious honor a new dentist in Texas can earn.

Dr. Badea is an active member of the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry and the Texas Dental Association.She is a Board director with the Texas Academy of General Dentistry organizing a study club for dentists in Austin.

Dr. Badea feels blessed to be a dentist and enjoys giving back to the community providing dental care those who need it most with Texas Mission of Mercy and with the Junior League in Austin. Dr. Badea loves arts, the theatre and live music. She is an avid volunteer helping Zach’s theatre. She enjoys outdoors, traveling and adventurous hiking in the Andes or Alps or chasing the Northern lights in Alaska and she speaks Romanian, French, and Spanish.