Mohammed D. Kashmoula

Dr. Mohammed Kashmoula believes in providing dental care that meets the individual needs of each of his patients. He aspires to positively influence the world through his career in general dentistry by restoring his patients desire to smile and their zest for life.

Dr. Kashmoula earned his Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree at Jordan University of Science and Technology in 2011. He then earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the University of Chicago in 2018.

“What I love about dentistry is that I can create such a beautiful radiant smile and transform a person’s emotional and physical state. In just a few visits, a patient can regain that lost smile and feel a renewed sense of spirit. To have a positive impact on another person’s life, self-esteem and confidence is the joy of dentistry,” Dr. Kashmoula said.

In his free time, Dr. Kashmoula likes going on road trips, camping, swimming, working out, watching movies (such as action, drama, sci-fi and adventure) and traveling. He also volunteers at Heartland Health Outreach in Chicago and Healthcare for the Homeless in Houston.

Dr. Kashmoula lives by the following quote by Mother Theresa, “Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”