Peeranan S. Lee

Dr. Peeranan S. Lee received her Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree from the School of Medicine in Lewisville, Kentucky, in 1994. Dr. Lee went on to complete her general practice residency in Fresno, California, in 1995. She stays active in her community by volunteering with her church family. She donates her time and talents by going to Moldova, Russia, on a Medical Dental Mission to bring medical and dental care to the Moldavian community. Dr. Lee also volunteers with the MOM clinics of North Carolina, and she participates with the North Carolina Baptist Men’s dental bus, which travels to local churches and provides dental services to local residents who may not otherwise be able to get to a dental provider. Dr. Lee enjoys traveling and recently traveled to see her extended family in Thailand. She also enjoys reading and spending time with her young son Darren.