Shurouk Azzo

Dr. Zakia Azzo is a certified dentist who has been practicing General Dentistry since 1990. She specializes in restorative fillings, fabrication of fixed and removable prosthodontics, Invisalign treatment, and implant crown restoration. Dr. Zakia Azzo graduated first from Damascus University, College of Dentistry in 1990, and the University of Texas with a Masters Degree in Public Health in 2013 and received a post-doctoral certificate in Dental Public Health from NYU Lutheran in 2015. In addition, she is a member of many associations such as the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and the American Public Health Association. Dr. Zakia Azzo believes all communities should have access to quality dental care and has a selfless passion for providing this crucial service with a smile.