Dr. Victor Robinson

Dr. Victor Robinson is dedicated to providing a gentle, informative approach to dentistry. His goal is to help his patients achieve optimal oral health. Dr. Robinson studied at St. Johns University in New York graduating with his bachelor’s degree in biology in 2004. He chose biology as his major since it has always been his favorite subject. At the time, he thought it would be a great gateway to get himself into dental school. Dr. Robinson then went on to gain his dental degree from New York University College of Dentistry.

Dr. Robinson participates in numerous CE courses every year. His goal is to diversify these classes to benefit from them as much as possible. He loves art and working with his hands. He chose the path of dentistry because to him it seemed like a great combination of both art and biology.

In his free time, Dr. Robinson enjoys working out and playing basketball. He lives by these words spoken by Prophet Muhammad, “Whoever among you wakes up in the morning secure in his dwelling, healthy in his body, and he has his food for the day, then it is as if the whole world has been given to him.”