The Benefits Of A Dental Crown

Based on the technology the office has and the kind of crown you’re getting, a same-day crown might not be an option. If your crown is made at a dental lab, your dentist will put a temporary restoration on your own tooth to cover it while your crown is made by specialists. An implanted crown will also need longer, because it requires approximately 3 – 6 months for the post to heal into your gums and bone so it’s stable enough to connect to your crown. Your dentist will speak with you about exactly what to anticipate and summarize your treatment plan.

No matter whether your crown has been created in one day by your dentist or in a dental lab, after it’s made, your dentist will complete your procedure. If a temporary cap was placed, it’ll be taken off. Your tooth will be thoroughly cleaned before your crown is attached. When the crown is set, your dentist might make little alterations to enhance the overall fit and look. Before you go home, your dentist will discuss care directions to help your restoration last.

As soon as your crown is on, you will need to be certain it remains healthy and strong. Based on the make of the crown, your dentist might suggest special directions, like particular cleaning products or more visits. Generally speaking, you need to care for your crown just like your teeth with daily flossing and brushing. While more stain-resistant in comparison to your natural teeth, ceramic or porcelain crowns may get stains, which means you should brush after smoking or drinking and eating things such as tea, coffee, or berries. It’s better to not eat sticky or hard foods (as an instance, caramel or ice) to prevent breaking or pulling your crown off. If your restoration does fall out or is loose, speak to your dentist to make an appointment and request guidance on keeping your crown till you arrive. It’s also advisable to go to your dentist in Crystal Lake, IL two times a year to get an examination and cleanings. This will provide your dentist the chance to modify your crown, if necessary, or determine whether it has to be fixed or replaced. With good care, your crown should last for quite a while.

When you’ve got a weak, chipped, or lost tooth, talk to a boar-certified dentist in Crystal Lake, IL about a crown. At DentalWorks – Crystal Lake, we provide multiple crown options in addition to implanted crowns to accommodate your needs and wants. Schedule a consultation at our dental practice in Crystal Lake, IL to find out more about your choices and the way the crown may enhance the appearance and health of your smile.