The Ways Biannual Dental Cleanings Could Keep Your Mouth In Great Health

Keeping up with a regular schedule that consists of brushing and flossing each morning and evening is crucial to ensure that your dental wellness is in excellent shape. However, one fact that a majority of people don’t realize is that biannual cleanings from a dental professional are equally necessary for your dental health. Routine dental cleanings, sometimes referred to as prophylaxis, are a preventive dentistry treatment that removes tartar and polishes the surface. Getting your teeth cleaned on a twice-yearly schedule may keep plaque, buildup, teeth yellowing, and a number of other issues at bay. Eradicating the buildup might also improve your teeth and gumline into better shape, as well as freshen your breath.

Visiting the dentist twice annually for routine cleanings is a necessary aspect of each person’s oral health regimen. Our skilled team of dental professionals and hygienists employs advanced methods to perform general oral care treatments and elevate the health and happiness of Burlington, NC residents. If you require a routine dental cleaning or have separate oral wellness concerns, DentalWorks – Burlington would love to be your go-to source for dental care. We welcome you to browse this article to discover everything you should know when it comes to biannual teeth cleanings and how this important dental care treatment might support your smile, today and well into the long term.

A biannual dental cleaning at DentalWorks – Burlington will vary to suit your unique health needs. Various other general oral care treatments can also be offered at a cleaning appointment to allow you to get the greatest benefits from your trips to the dentist. Your other services can consist of teeth sealants or fluoride gel. Dental cleanings by our highly trained Burlington, NC team are in-depth and intended to allow you to attain your healthiest smile.

To begin, we will go over your medical standing
Burlington, NC individuals are typically surprised to find out that their dental health could have an effect on their overall physical wellness. Prior to your teeth cleaning, your medical past, along with all drugs or supplements that you’ve been prescribed, will be carefully evaluated. This offers our team a more comprehensive knowledge of your total physical health and how it can link to your oral wellness.

Then, a hygienist on our skilled staff will clean your teeth.
The majority of your teeth cleaning visit is devoted to eradicating food particles and tartar from your teeth. Food particles and tartar create a home where dangerous bacteria accumulate and release toxins that might potentially impact some oral structures, such as the teeth. Our highly qualified professionals at DentalWorks – Burlington can carefully eliminate the plaque and bacteria from your teeth to boost your dental wellness and lessen the risks of several problems, including decay and periodontal disease. Discoloraton and stains that have developed on the teeth from tea, coffee, or different foods could also be eliminated to produce a whiter and more beautiful look to your teeth.

Fluoride treatments will often be accessible to children or teens who easily develop tooth decay.
A fluoride treatment is a popular solution we perform to help strengthen the teeth and defend against the formation of tooth decay. This product is usually recommended for kids, but it can also help teens and men and women who display signals of early decay, a history of cavities, exposed tooth root surfaces, and other areas of concern. To help people who might be at an increased risk of developing tooth decay, fluoride can be administered to the teeth near the conclusion of their dental cleaning checkup.

Professional dental cleanings are usually suggested about twice per year. However, those who have gum disease or different oral issues might benefit from cleanings more frequently. Our experienced Burlington, NC professionals will assess your needs and help you decide the dental cleaning schedule that’s right to make sure your enamel and gumline are in the ideal shape.

The smile is usually one of a person’s most outstanding traits. Receiving biannual teeth cleanings is essential to be sure that your smile is bright, aesthetically pleasing, and in great condition. To achieve this, it’s vital that you select a dental practitioner who is just as dedicated to the wellness of your oral structures. The staff of oral care practitioners at DentalWorks – Burlington is devoted to elevating the well-being of our wonderful patients by using a one-on-one approach to oral care. We encourage local patients to contact our Burlington, NC practice today to set up an appointment for a routine dental cleaning.