The Ways Lost Teeth Impact Many Areas Of Your Oral Health

An estimated 175 – 180 million individuals in the country have experienced issues with missing a single tooth or a few teeth. As many patients consider missing teeth, the visual appeal of their smile is commonly their initial concern. What you may not realize is that losing teeth, even just one, can influence far more than the appearance of your smile. Teeth play a more significant role in your oral health and general wellness than merely creating the look of an attractive, bright smile.

Promptly restoring missing teeth with an effective option produces the best results for the smile.
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At DentalWorks – Beaver Valley, our highly trained staff of dental professionals is happy to offer an array of tooth replacement procedures to help individuals in Monaca, PA overcome tooth loss and enjoy optimal oral wellness.

Improperly functioning teeth might have to be taken out in order to save your dental wellness and reduce the risk of concerns in the future. Several of the more common causes of missing teeth include progressive gum disease, significant bone deterioration, acute tooth decay, infection, and injury. Other conditions that may require someone to undergo a tooth removal are chipped teeth, fractured tooth roots, or severe wear.

If a tooth or numerous teeth are missing, it influences a wide array of factors relating to your mouth, dental wellness, and general daily life. A number of patients go through life-changing problems when missing a tooth, including:

General Oral Function
Losing even a single tooth can affect your capability to bite into food and converse with ease. A missing tooth can get in the way of the ability to consume particular foods and lead you to have a lisp.

A Person’s Aesthetic Appearance
Apart from creating a gap in the smile, missing a single tooth or several teeth could result in a patient’s facial structures sinking near the mouth and jawline. The teeth help to add a more desirable look to the facial structures and jaw.
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Tooth Shifting
While a few adults may not be aware of this, the teeth need each other to retain their proper location within the mouth. When a tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth tend to shift into the space.

Bone Reduction
Your jawbone requires ongoing stimulation from the tooth roots to be in good standing. When teeth are gone, the bone no longer has this stimulus, causing it to break down.
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Jawbone deterioration has its own unique range of issues and may make it more difficult to replace lost teeth with dental implants.

The Impact On A Person’s Life
Having lost teeth might affect several facets of your life. From inconsistencies with proper oral function to lowered self-assurance, missing teeth tend to have a big influence on your entire way of living, smile, and dental wellness.

Our experienced Monaca, PA dental professionals provide affordable dentures, dental implants, and fixed or removable bridges to allow you to overcome missing a tooth or many teeth. We use high-quality ceramic and metal to create tooth replacements to enhance your oral structures and the cosmetic quality of your smile. Each of these three tooth restoration options can be individualized to address your particular preferences.

Full or Partial Dentures
Removable dentures are partial or full-arch devices that fill in for lost teeth along the top or lower arches. Partial dentures depend on the remaining teeth for support, while full dentures fit snugly onto the gumline through natural jaw contours or a minimal quantity of denture glue.

Advanced Long-Term Restorations
Implant-supported appliances are made up of a titanium post that acts as a man-made tooth root, as well as a dental crown, dental bridge, or denture that’s firmly fastened to the screw. When joined together, these components accurately replicate the structure, abilities, and aesthetics of permanent teeth. Dental implants integrate with the bone to provide sustainable stability for tooth replacement.

Implant-Supported Or Removable Customized Bridges
A dental bridge substitutes for one or more teeth absent from a localized area in the mouth. Dental bridges are a series of dental crowns that are connected to work as one appliance and fill in for a single tooth or multiple teeth. These restorations may be supported by implants or supported by nearby teeth, depending on your needs.

With modern technology, restoring lost teeth with customized partial or full dentures, implants, and dental bridges could help you achieve good oral health and a self-assured smile. Before tooth loss begins to negatively influence your quality of life, we encourage you to reach out to our skilled team of dentists in Monaca, PA to schedule a one-on-one.