The Ways Lost Teeth Impact Several Areas Of The Smile

An estimated 175 – 180 million adults in America have encountered issues relating to missing a single tooth or numerous teeth. As most men and women think of missing teeth, the visual appeal of the smile is often their first concern. But what you might not realize is losing teeth in any capacity can affect more than the beauty of your smile. Teeth take on a more vital role in a patient’s dental health and general wellness than merely contributing to the look of an appealing, glowing smile.

Quickly restoring lost teeth with an effective option produces the most ideal outcomes for the smile. At DentalWorks – Carmel Village, our talented staff of dental practitioners is proud to perform an array of tooth restoration procedures to help people in Charlotte, NC address tooth loss and experience better oral wellness.

Poorly functioning teeth may have to be removed to improve a person’s oral health and reduce the risk of concerns for the long term. Several of the more frequent causes of tooth loss include progressive periodontitis, significant jawbone deterioration, extreme tooth decay, infection, and injury. Various other situations that could require a patient to get an extraction are broken teeth, fractured roots, or severe damage.

If a single tooth or many teeth are missing, it impacts a wide spectrum of factors pertaining to your mouth, oral health, and general quality of life. Many individuals experience huge issues when missing a tooth, including:

Total Oral Function
Losing even a single tooth might hinder your capability to bite into food and converse with ease. A lost tooth might get in the way of the ability to consume specific foods and lead you to speak with a lisp.

A Person’s Cosmetic Appearance
Apart from leaving an opening between the teeth, missing a single tooth or multiple teeth might result in a person’s facial features sagging around the mouth and jawline. A person’s teeth help to keep a more normal shape to the face and jawline.

Tooth Positioning
While many adults may not know this, the teeth actually rely on each other to maintain their proper placement within the mouth. If teeth are lost, the surrounding teeth might shift into this space.

Jawbone Reduction
Your jawbone relies on active stimulation from your tooth roots to stay in good standing. If teeth go missing, the jawbone can’t rely on this structure, causing it to become diminished. Jawbone deterioration carries its own unique range of side effects and might make it more difficult to substitute lost teeth with dental implants.

The Influence On A Person’s Health
A missing tooth might affect many facets of your life. Ranging from problems with proper oral function to lowered self-assurance, missing teeth usually have a critical impact on your general way of living, smile, and dental wellness.

Our experienced Charlotte, NC dental practitioners create personalized removable dentures, implants, and bridges to help you bounce back from missing a tooth or several teeth. We utilize medical-grade ceramic and titanium to craft pieces to improve your oral structures and the aesthetic appeal of your smile. Each of the following tooth replacement options may be individualized to match your specific needs.

Traditional Dentures
Removable dentures are partial or full-arch devices that restore missing teeth along the top or lower arches. Partial dentures clasp around the permanent teeth to keep their placement, while full dentures fit snugly onto the gums through natural jaw contours or a small amount of denture paste.

Efficient Dental Implants
Implant-supported appliances are composed of a metal screw that acts as an artificial tooth root, as well as a crown, dental bridge, or denture that’s firmly attached to the post. When utilized together, these pieces closely mirror the structure, function, and look of real teeth. Dental implants integrate with the bone to offer long-term stability for tooth restoration.

Fixed Or Removable Customized Dental Bridges
A dental bridge replaces one or multiple teeth absent from the same area in the mouth. Dental bridges are a row of crowns that are fused together to function as one restoration and replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. These appliances might be affixed to the jaw or secured to surrounding teeth, depending on your preferences.

Using contemporary dental technology, replacing missing teeth with custom-made partial or full dentures, dental implants, and bridges could help you gain better oral health and a glowing smile. Before tooth loss begins to impact your daily life, we welcome you to reach out to our experienced team of dental practitioners in Charlotte, NC to schedule an appointment.