The Ways Missing Teeth Hurt Several Areas Of Your Oral Health

An estimated 178 million adults in the country have experienced concerns relating to losing a single tooth or numerous teeth. As the majority of adults consider missing teeth, the aesthetic appeal of their smile is usually their prime worry. The fact you might not realize is that losing teeth, whether one or several, can impact more than the look of your smile. The teeth play a more significant part in a person’s oral health and total wellness than simply creating the appearance of an attractive, bright smile.

Quickly replacing missing teeth with a reliable treatment produces the most viable outcomes for oral health. At DentalWorks – Allen Park, our knowledgeable team of dental practitioners is happy to offer a spectrum of tooth restoration options to help those in Allen Park, MI overcome tooth loss and experience optimal dental wellness.

Improperly functioning teeth might have to be removed in an effort to improve someone’s dental wellness and decrease the chances for concerns for the long term. Some of the more typical causes of missing teeth are progressive periodontitis, severe jawbone loss, acute tooth decay, infection, and injury. More situations that can require a person to get an extraction are cracked teeth, fractured tooth roots, or severe damage.

When a tooth or a few teeth are lost, it affects a large spectrum of factors relating to your mouth, dental wellness, and basic daily life. A majority of patients go through noteworthy issues after losing a tooth, such as:

Total Dental Function
Missing even one tooth can hinder your ability to eat and converse with ease. A missing tooth may get aromatization steroids in the way of your ability to chew specific foods and lead you to speak with a lisp.

The Aesthetic Appearance
Apart from leaving a space in the smile, missing a tooth or numerous teeth could lead to a patient’s facial features appearing to collapse around the mouth and cheeks. Your teeth help to keep a more youthful look to the facial features and mandible.

Tooth Placement
Although many adults might not know this, the teeth depend on each other to maintain their proper placement within the mouth. When a tooth is gone, the surrounding teeth often shift into this space.

Jawbone Deterioration
The jawbone depends on regular stimulation from the tooth roots to be in its best shape. If teeth fall out, the jawbone no longer has this stimulus, which causes it to break down. Jawbone deterioration carries its own unique range of problems and can make it more challenging to replace missing teeth using dental implants.

The Influence On An Individual’s Health
The loss of a tooth might affect many areas of your health. Ranging from difficulty with normal oral function to decreased self-confidence, lost teeth often have a huge effect on your overall life, smile, and oral health.

Our talented Allen Park, MI dental practitioners offer traditional removable dentures, dental implants, and implant-supported or removable bridges to enable you to bounce back from losing one or many teeth. We utilize medical-grade ceramic and titanium to craft pieces to enhance your dental functions and the cosmetic appeal of your smile. Each of the listed tooth replacement solutions can be individualized to address your particular needs.

Traditional Dentures
Removable dentures are partial or full-arch appliances that restore missing teeth in the top and lower arches. Partial appliances attach to the natural teeth to keep their placement, while full dentures are affixed to the gumline via natural jaw contours or a small quantity of denture paste.

Advanced Dental Implants
Dental implants comprise a titanium screw that acts as a man-made tooth root and a crown, dental bridge, or denture that’s firmly joined to the screw. When utilized together, these components closely duplicate the build, abilities, and look of real teeth. Implants are held securely by the jawbone to produce sustainable durability for tooth restoration.

Fixed Or Removable Custom-Made Bridges
A bridge fills in for one or several teeth missing from a confined area within the mouth. Dental bridges take the form of a row of crowns that are adjoined to act as one appliance and fill in for one or multiple teeth. These restorations might be implant-supported or attached to surrounding teeth, based on your preferences.

Due to contemporary dental technology, replacing lost teeth with effective removable dentures, implants, and bridges can help you gain improved dental health and a glowing appearance. Before tooth loss threatens to impact your daily life, we urge you to contact our highly qualified staff of dental professionals in Allen Park, MI for a consultation.