Treatment Options To Correct A Lost Tooth or Multiple Teeth

In the event that someone loses an adult tooth due to an injury or an accident such as biting into a solid object, it can be very alarming. Some individuals are born with a missing tooth or with a significant gap and decide to address it at some stage in their lives. For others, tooth loss could also be because of poor hygiene or oral care, the aging process, or an accident. Luckily, with aesthetic dentistry, missing teeth can be restored with the utilization of a variety of dental options, including dental implants.

Even though there are numerous methods used to restore a missing tooth, one of the most effective treatments is a dental implant. Dental implants enable individuals to continue with their daily routines and partake in the regular behaviors of eating, laughing, and smiling without worrying about their lost tooth or teeth. A dental bridge is an alternative method to address a missing tooth. A bridge includes the use of a prosthetic tooth, which is attached to healthy teeth neighboring a gap in the mouth. Although the end goal of each restoration is to restore look and function, they are vastly diverse treatment techniques, and the appropriate procedure will be different for every patient.

The trained dentists at DentalWorks – Belden Plaza lend information into the distinctions between dental implants and bridges to help patients in deciding which option may be best to fit their concerns.

As a notable issue, a missing tooth can cause other teeth to relocate in order to adjust for the open area, affecting a patient’s overall bite. Your smile can also become improperly spaced or crooked due to the shift to fill the vacant area, making it harder to properly brush and floss. This ultimately can cause periodontal disease and cavities. For this reason, when a tooth goes missing, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

Basically an artificial tooth, a dental implant includes a root that is fixed to the jawbone to restore a missing tooth or teeth. An implant is the most resilient type of dental appliance or option accessible to replace missing teeth. A screw-type device or metal post serves as a root that is connected to the existing jawbone and creates a sturdy support for an artificial tooth or crown to be placed on top. Implant-supported restorations are an ideal way to rejuvenate a patient’s smile or bite by offering replacement teeth that are like existing teeth and have no food restrictions!

An ideal way to replace a lost tooth, an implant feels like a real tooth for Canton, OH patients when smiling, brushing or performing ordinary activities. If a patient speaks or smiles, it is impossible to tell the difference between their natural teeth and an implant. Also, dental implants initiate bone growth by preserving the natural jawbone. Whenever provided by an expert dental professional, such as those at DentalWorks – Belden Plaza, dental implants are the most secure and the most certain way to receive dental work that appears and feels natural. Implants implement a reliable foundation for the permanent device of a crown or bridge. After the implanted metal post(s) have attached to the jaw and gum line, implants contribute to a secure foundation, which grants patients the peace of mind that their new device will stay in place similar to their normal teeth. Similarly, an implant erases the worry and self-conscious feeling of dealing with missing teeth that keep you from having your optimal smile.

The two main reasons a large number of patients within Canton, OH love their implant restorations are that they offer lasting results and they don’t harm other surrounding teeth. The titanium posts, attached to the jawbone, are created from a substance that will never corrode or disintegrate while providing a stable base to enable you to continue on with routine, everyday activities. Implants are an optimal dental option to replace missing teeth so patients can have a restored smile.

Identical to your normal teeth, you may brush and floss your dental implant every day and go about your day, eating and drinking whatever you wish. Extra care isn’t necessary, and there is no need to adjust your everyday dental hygiene habits.

As its title conveys, a dental bridge is an artificial tooth that is attached to healthy teeth (known as abutments) surrounding a gap. A dental bridge works by forming a bridge over the open space. Bridges are typically created with dental porcelain, metal, or a combination of both. The artificial tooth is usually composed of dental porcelain so that it mimics your natural teeth.

A typical dental bridge utilizes the two teeth on each side of the existing gap that are trimmed down to make room to position the bridge. Next, a dental crown is cemented over each tooth. In addition, a bridge may be secured using a dental implant that is surgically placed to hold the appliance in the optimal position. A fixed bridge that is cemented into its spot within the mouth and can be an additional option for Canton, OH patients who lose one or a few teeth. These are similar to your normal teeth and can be more long term.

As a quite quick procedure, dental bridges can also be an economical means to restore one or a few missing teeth. In circumstances where you have noticeable bone loss in the jaw, it is not necessary to undergo a lengthy bone grafting process in order to place a conventional bridge. Nevertheless, because bridges do not treat existing problems, like bone loss, the conditions could remain even after the gap is treated and the aesthetic problem is corrected. For some men and women, the restoration can establish increased strain on the surrounding abutment teeth. Therefore, bridges may need to be restored down the road.

When you have lost one tooth or even have multiple teeth that need to be replaced, dental implants or bridges may enhance your smile and improve your appearance. Enhance your self-confidence and stop hiding behind your missing teeth! The dentists in Canton, OH will offer you an individualized treatment plan to enhance your smile and replace your missing tooth with a dental implant or bridge to help you feel good about your smile once more. If you are interested in dental implants, call or arrange an appointment at DentalWorks – Belden Plaza at your convenience.