Treatment Options To Treat A Lost Tooth or Multiple Teeth

In the event that someone loses a permanent tooth because of an injury or an unfortunate incident, including biting into a solid object, it can be very troublesome. A few people are born with a missing tooth or with a big gap and choose to remedy it at some time in their lives. For others, tooth loss could also be because of inadequate hygiene or dental care, the aging process, or an accident. Luckily, with cosmetic dentistry, missing teeth can be replaced with the help of several dental treatments, such as dental implants.

Though there are various methods used to address a missing tooth, one of the most ideal methods is a dental implant.
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Dental implants allow patients to go on with their normal routines and partake in the common actions of chewing, laughing, and smiling without being concerned about their lost tooth or teeth. A dental bridge is an alternative method to address a missing tooth. A bridge uses a prosthetic tooth that is attached to healthy teeth surrounding a gap in the mouth. While the final goal of the two treatments is to restore appearance and function, they are vastly different treatment methods, and the ideal procedure will be different for every patient.

The trained dental professionals at DentalWorks – Brunswick lend insight into the distinctions between dental implants and bridges to aid patients in determining which option may be best to fit their concerns.

As a serious issue, a missing tooth may cause other teeth to relocate in order to adjust for the open area, changing a patient’s overall bite. They can also become too tightly spaced or misplaced due to the movement to occupy the space, making it harder to accurately brush and floss. This in turn can provoke gum disease and dental caries. For this reason, if a tooth goes missing, it should be restored promptly.

Essentially a fake tooth, a dental implant has a root that is secured to the jawbone to restore a lost tooth or teeth. It is the most stable type of dental appliance or solution available to restore missing teeth. A screw-type appliance or metal post acts as a root, which is adhered to the natural bone of the jaw and becomes a sturdy support for an artificial tooth or crown to be secured on top. Implant-retained restorations are an ideal way to enhance an individual’s smile or bite by providing replacement teeth that act like existing teeth without any dietary restrictions!

An excellent way to replace a tooth, an implant feels less noticeable for Brunswick, OH patients when flossing, brushing or performing normal everyday activities. If a patient speaks or smiles, there is no way to notice the difference between their natural teeth and an implant. Also, dental implants initiate bone growth by maintaining the natural jawbone. If completed by an expert dental professional, including those at DentalWorks – Brunswick, dental implants are the safest and the most efficient method to get dental treatment that presents and feels natural. Implants implement a solid support for the permanent appliance of a crown or bridge. After the implanted metal post(s) have connected to the jaw and gum line, implants offer a stable foundation that allows patients the peace of mind that their new device will stay in place comparable to their normal teeth. Similarly, an implant eradicates the worry and uncomfortable feeling of having missing teeth that prevent your desired smile.
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The main reasons a great deal of patients within Brunswick, OH enjoy their dental implants are that they provide long-term results and they don’t affect other neighboring teeth. The titanium posts, secured into the jawbone, are created from a substance that will not decompose or decay while allowing for a secure foundation to enable individuals to go about routine, daily activities. Dental implants are an exceptional dental solution to treat lost teeth so you can experience a restored smile.

Similar to with your normal teeth, you may brush and floss your implant on a daily basis and go about your routine, eating and drinking what you want.
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Additional care isn’t required, and there is no cause to alter your everyday oral hygiene habits.

As its title implies, a dental bridge is a prosthetic tooth that is connected to healthy teeth (also called abutments) surrounding a space. A bridge works by creating a bridge crossing over the open space. Bridges are usually created with dental porcelain, metal, or a mix of both. The dental restoration is most often composed of porcelain so that it resembles your existing teeth.

A conventional dental bridge utilizes the two teeth on each side of the current gap, which are shaved down to create space to place the bridge. Then, a dental crown is placed over each tooth. In addition, a bridge may be braced using a dental implant surgically placed in order to hold the appliance in the ideal position. An implant-supported bridge that is cemented into position in the mouth and may be an alternative treatment choice for Brunswick, OH individuals who have lost one or more teeth. These act like your normal teeth and can be more durable.

As a quite quick treatment, dental bridges may also be a cost-effective way to replace one or more missing teeth. In cases where individuals have noticeable bone loss in the jaw, it is not essential to take part in an extensive bone grafting procedure in order to obtain a conventional bridge. However, since bridges do not address existing issues, like bone loss, the conditions may continue even after the space is closed and the aesthetic issue is corrected. For some patients, the bridge could establish increased stress on the surrounding abutment teeth. As a result, bridges may need to be restored after a while.

In the event that you are missing one tooth or even have a number of missing teeth, dental implants or bridges can boost your smile and improve your look. Increase your self-esteem and stop hiding behind your missing teeth! The dentists in Brunswick, OH will provide you with a personalized treatment plan to restore your smile and replace your missing tooth with the use of a dental implant or bridge to help you feel good about your smile once more. If you are interested in dental implants, contact us or schedule a consultation at DentalWorks – Brunswick at your convenience.