Typical Reasons For Tooth Discomfort And How You Can Treat It

Though not all cases of tooth decay are uncomfortable, cavities that spread to the inner areas of a tooth do normally bring about some amount of pain. Areas of tooth decay can also have more sensitivity to temperature fluctuations in the mouth when enjoying hot or cold foods or beverages, as well as very sugary or sweet items. If not properly treated, tooth decay can lead to even more discomfort if the cavity spreads to the center area of the tooth and causes an internal disease, or in some cases, an abscess. Getting the care you require from a skilled dentist as soon as possible can help minimize your oral pain and bring enhancements to your dental health. Tooth decay is commonly cared for with fillings or dental crowns, depending on the amount of the affected area.

As a commonly difficult to detect issue, cracked tooth syndrome may produce painful symptoms; however, there might not be any recognizable or visible damage to the tooth. Tiny micro-cracks in the tooth’s enamel could enable bacteria to enter the center part of the tooth and create sensitivity or discomfort. Teeth may also experience pain when biting as a result of flexure in the tooth structure. The treatments for cracked tooth syndrome vary but can range from the placement of a crown to root canal therapy or other modalities.

Tooth discomfort is virtually always a sign of a deeper condition and must always be examined early on to offer ideal outcomes for your dental health. Though symptoms may range from moderate to extreme, tooth pain commonly indicates a dental emergency and might warrant prompt treatment to protect your tooth structure and decrease the danger of tooth loss. Our dental team at DentalWorks – Alcoa is proud to perform a variety of dental services, such as urgent dental care, to treat your tooth pain and reduce its effects on your smile and overall health. If pain is affecting your oral health, contact our team today to make an appointment with our caring and qualified dental professionals.