Understanding The Purpose and Process Of A Root Canal

DentalWorks – Burlington provides several kinds and degrees of sedation to be certain to stay calm throughout your root canal treatment. Oral-conscious medication or nitrous oxide gas could possibly be mixed with intravenous (IV) sedation according to your treatment and individual needs. And after your root canal is finished, inquire about adding sedation with your routine appointments. Our team works with Burlington, NC sufferers to make it much easier for them to return for twice-yearly cleanings and yearly oral health assessments so issues may be addressed or avoided before they need a longer treatment.

Even though you might not be happy to get a root canal, but it might help your smile to receive one. In case you have signs of an infected tooth, then schedule a dental health evaluation with your dental practitioner in Burlington, NC. In case you’ve got dental anxiety or fears, DentalWorks – Burlington provides several kinds of sedation to help keep you relaxed and calm throughout your exam and root canal treatment. We utilize advanced equipment and innovative methods when doing root canal therapy to take out the disease, save the tooth, and keep your smile beautiful and healthy.