Valuable Teeth Whitening Tips You Need To Consider

These personalized trays also assist in containing the whitening solution and allowing it to remain on your tooth enamel for the required time to ensure the desired effects.

Professional teeth whitening might be a lone treatment or included in a larger procedure strategy.
Based on your personal smile goals, teeth whitening may be the only form of aesthetic service you require. Nonetheless, it might be a part of a bigger procedure plan, including a smile makeover or full-mouth reconstruction. Our DentalWorks – Canton Ford dentists allow you to determine if teeth whitening is an ideal choice to improve your smile and at what point throughout the procedure process it should be performed.

Expert teeth whitening does not impact the color of restorations.
It is crucial to recognize that, even though teeth whitening treatments can certainly brighten the shade of natural tooth enamel, they have no impact on restorative appliances, such as those utilized for composite fillings and bonding and contouring or porcelain veneers and dental crowns. It may be ideal to lighten the natural teeth first and then have any restorations changed out to match the new color of your teeth. In a few circumstances, teeth whitening may not be an ideal choice if whitening the smile would cause a difference between your natural enamel color and the color of any existing restorations you might have. Our Canton, MI dental team can help you in determining the right choice for your smile and dental health concerns.

How does expert teeth whitening work?
Professional teeth whitening works through a concentrated formula that is put on the teeth in the form of a gel. If the solution sits on the enamel for a certain amount of time, the stains and discoloration existing on the layer of the enamel start to carefully dissolve and lift away. Based on the intensity of the whitening solution and the kind of procedure approach used, teeth whitening might brighten the tooth enamel by a few shades with only a single application. Instances of darker or deeper stains could require a lengthier application time to ensure the end result you are hoping for.

Can you know how bright the teeth will get?
Several factors may influence personal whitening results, such as the beginning color of the enamel, daily practices (such as coffee consumption or tobacco use), and the strength of the whitening solution utilized for the treatment. Even though you can have optimal results with just one application, we are unable to anticipate what your final outcome will look like. However, choosing expert teeth whitening ensures the most secure and most desirable results for the appearance of your teeth.

If you desire to improve the overall condition of your smile, professional teeth whitening may be exactly what you need to whiten the look of your teeth and allow for a younger-looking you. Our team of dental professionals at DentalWorks – Canton Ford is proud to offer the simple aesthetic solution of teeth whitening as an individual procedure or combined with other aesthetic dentistry options. With the use of prescription-strength solutions chosen to adhere to your needs, teeth whitening can brighten your smile by numerous shades for significant improvement and increased self-confidence. Call us in Canton, MI today to discover more and see if expert teeth whitening is ideal for you.