Valuable Teeth Whitening Tips You Need To Know

Professional teeth whitening will not affect the shade of dental restorations.
It is important to understand that, although teeth whitening solutions may certainly brighten the shade of natural teeth, they have no impact on restorative materials, including those utilized for composite fillings and bonding or porcelain veneers and crowns. It can be ideal to lighten the natural teeth initially and then have any restorations switched out to match the new color of your smile. In some cases, teeth whitening could not be an ideal choice if whitening the teeth would cause a variation between your natural enamel shade and the color of any existing restorations you might have. Our Brunswick, OH dental team may assist you in deciding the best choice for your smile and dental health concerns.

How does professional teeth whitening produce results?
Expert teeth whitening functions by using a concentrated formula that is put on the teeth in the form of a gel. If the gel stays on the teeth for a period of time, the stains and discoloration on the layer of the tooth enamel begin to carefully disintegrate and lift away. Depending on the intensity of the solution and the kind of treatment method used, teeth whitening could lighten the enamel by multiple shades after the initial treatment. Cases of darker or deeper stains may demand a lengthier procedure time to obtain the end result you want.

How can you predict how bright the teeth could become?
A number of factors might affect individual whitening results, including the beginning color of the enamel, everyday practices (such as certain foods or drinks or tobacco use), and the intensity of the whitening solution used for the treatment. Although you can have optimal results following one whitening treatment, we cannot predict what your end results will look like. Nevertheless, opting for professional teeth whitening offers the safest and most desirable outcome for the appearance of your smile.

If you are ready to enhance the overall quality of your smile, professional teeth whitening could be just what you need to whiten the look of your teeth and create a more youthful you. Our team of dental professionals at DentalWorks – Brunswick is proud to offer the simple aesthetic solution of professional teeth whitening as a lone procedure or combined with other cosmetic dentistry options. With the use of prescription-strength solutions chosen to meet your needs, teeth whitening can lighten your teeth by numerous shades for significant improvement and elevated self-esteem. Schedule an appointment with us in Brunswick, OH today to discover more and see if professional teeth whitening is ideal for you.