Ways To Fix One Missing Tooth or Multiple Teeth

Extra care isn’t necessary, and there is no cause to shift your everyday dental hygiene habits.

Just as its name suggests, a dental bridge is a prosthetic tooth, which is adhered to healthy teeth (also called abutments) surrounding a gap. A bridge works by assembling a bridge across the open space. Bridges are typically created with porcelain, metal, or a blend of the two. The dental restoration is typically created from dental porcelain so that it mimics a patient’s natural teeth.

A conventional dental bridge uses the two teeth on either side of the existing gap that are trimmed down to create space to place the bridge. Next, a dental crown is placed over each tooth. Also, a bridge may be braced using a dental implant that is surgically placed in order to hold the appliance in the optimal position. A fixed bridge, which is cemented into its spot within the mouth and can be an alternative option for Aurora, OH men and women who lose one or a few teeth. These are similar to your normal teeth and could be more secure.

As a relatively brief treatment, dental bridges may also be an economical means to replace one or a few missing teeth. In cases where you have experienced bone loss throughout the jaw, it is not essential to receive a lengthy bone grafting process in order to receive a traditional bridge. Nevertheless, since bridges do not treat underlying issues, including bone loss, the conditions may continue even after the gap is fixed and the aesthetic problem is corrected. For some patients, the device could add increased tension on the surrounding abutment teeth. For this reason, bridges might need to be restored in the future.

In the event that you are missing one tooth or even have several missing teeth, dental implants or bridges may rejuvenate your smile and revamp your appearance. Increase your self-confidence and no longer hide behind your missing teeth! The dental professionals in Aurora, OH will provide you with a personalized procedure plan to restore your smile and replace your missing tooth with the use of a dental implant or bridge so you can feel good about your smile again. If you are curious about dental implants, call or set up a consultation at DentalWorks – Bainbridge today.