Ways To Fix One Missing Tooth or Several Teeth

Alternative care isn’t required, and there is no cause to shift your everyday dental hygiene routine.

As its title suggests, a dental bridge is a prosthetic tooth that is adhered to existing teeth (also called abutments) neighboring a gap. A dental bridge works by forming a bridge over the open area. Bridges are most commonly built from porcelain, metal, or a combination of both. The artificial tooth is commonly created from dental porcelain so that it resembles a patient’s real teeth.

A typical dental bridge uses the two teeth on each side of the existing gap that are trimmed down to prepare room to place the bridge. Then, a dental crown is cemented over both teeth. In addition, a bridge may be braced by a dental implant that is surgically placed in order to keep the appliance in the proper position. An implant-retained bridge that is cemented into place within the mouth and may be an alternative treatment choice for Columbus, OH patients who have lost one or a few teeth. These act like natural teeth and can be more stable.

As a fairly brief treatment, dental bridges are also an economical process to replace one or more missing teeth. In circumstances where you have experienced bone loss throughout the jaw, it is not necessary to receive an extensive bone grafting procedure in order to obtain a traditional bridge. However, since bridges do not address underlying concerns, like bone loss, the conditions may remain even after the gap is closed and the cosmetic problem is corrected. In some men and women, the restoration could place increased stress on the neighboring abutment teeth. As a result, bridges might need to be replaced later on.

If you have lost one tooth or even have a couple of missing teeth, dental implants or bridges can rejuvenate your smile and revamp your appearance. Increase your self-confidence and stop hiding behind your lost teeth! The dental professionals in Columbus, OH will provide you with an individualized procedure plan to restore your smile and replace your missing tooth with the use of a dental implant or bridge so you can feel good about your smile again. If you are curious about dental implants, call or schedule an appointment at DentalWorks – Easton today.