Ways To Tell If Expert Teeth Whitening Is Best For Your Smile

Several factors can impact the way you feel regarding the overall appearance of your teeth. Do you disguise your mouth with your hand each time you smile or laugh? Are stained or discolored teeth hindering you from experiencing a confident, beautiful smile? If you answered “yes” to one or both of these questions, then professional teeth whitening might be just the solution you need to enhance your smile. Expert teeth whitening is an uncomplicated aesthetic dentistry procedure that our experienced team at DentalWorks – Easton offers to enhance the appearance of your teeth and help you enjoy a confident, beautiful smile. As a crucial part of how you display your feelings, obtaining a smile that you love to show off may improve your general happiness, self-confidence, and wellness.

Today may be a great time to improve the look of your smile. Expert teeth whitening is a safe, effective way to improve the look of your teeth through a simple process. If compared to alternative approaches for teeth whitening, medical-grade treatments are likely to administer more effective outcomes in a shorter amount of time. The professional teeth whitening process utilizes specifically developed peroxide gels, which permeate the inner layers of enamel and gently break down discoloration that has developed on or in the tooth enamel. Individual results might vary, but the majority of Columbus, OH patients who have their teeth professionally whitened appreciate a smile that is many shades brighter.

While drugstores offer a number of whitening options, they commonly cannot deliver the same quality and degree of results when compared to professional teeth whitening by a dedicated dental team. In fact, some types of over-the-counter products, including certain toothpaste or rinses, are unable to actually shift the shade of tooth enamel. In reality, they just assist in the elimination of external stains in order to make the teeth seem brighter.
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However, expert whitening treatments provide a stronger whitening solution that can be more productive at treating more ingrained discoloration and erasing years of tooth yellowing. Since this kind of procedure is overseen by a team of experienced dental professionals, it is safer and can be customized to meet your specific smile requirements and goals.
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Receiving a smile that you love may go a long way in allowing you to have increased self-esteem when smiling or talking. You might be an ideal candidate for professional teeth whitening with our DentalWorks – Easton dental team if any of the descriptions on the below checklist apply to you:

You are insecure about the look of your smile.
A smile allows you to express emotion in regard to how you may be feeling. Whenever your smile does not emit confidence, it could be because you have cosmetic insecurity regarding the appearance of your teeth. Medical-grade teeth whitening could allow you the self-esteem you require to smile fearlessly.

Your teeth appear dull or your smile is lackluster.
When your teeth lack gleam or brilliance, your smile can appear lackluster.
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Prescription-strength teeth whitening often lightens tooth enamel by several shades and is able to take your smile from lifeless to brilliant much more quickly.

You have teeth that seem to be yellowing as you age.
As we get older, the original radiance of our enamel that was present when we were younger begins to fade, and our smile commonly takes on a yellow color. Expert teeth whitening provided by a team of Columbus, OH professionals should help in dialing back the hands of time for your teeth to create a younger-looking you.

You have discoloration from specific foods and beverages or tobacco use.
Consuming drinks like coffee and tea and using tobacco products may stain the enamel on your teeth. Even various types of snacks and spices can cause dark discoloration or staining of the teeth. Expert teeth whitening is able to aid in erasing these stains to create a more luminous shade for your teeth.

You want a brighter smile for specific event.
You may wish to obtain a more radiant, more confident smile prior to specific events. Graduations, weddings, landmark birthdays, and big job interviews are just a handful of the major life events that you may desire to brighten your smile for, so that you can appear and feel more confident.

To learn if professional teeth whitening services may help you obtain your personal smile goals, it is important to meet with a trained team experienced in this kind of cosmetic dental procedure. Our talented team at DentalWorks – Easton will be happy to meet with you and will be able to formulate a treatment plan for your cosmetic worries about your smile. Contact our Columbus, OH facility today to find out more about our prescription-strength teeth whitening and aesthetic dentistry treatments.