What Are Dental Crowns And The Reasons They Preserve Your Smile

At the time when your crown is complete, the treatment area will be effectively numbed using a local anesthetic before the current tooth can be trimmed to ensure the crown’s fit. Additional impressions may be necessary to check the comfortable fit and bite before it is secured of the crown onto the natural tooth or attached to a dental implant. The ideal shape of your new crown ensures long-term stability. The entire process might take weeks to complete because crowns are sent to a dental laboratory for customization. If necessary, a temporary crown may be recommended.

Once the anesthesia has worn off, routine daily activities may be returned to. The dental team at DentalWorks – Canton Ford can give recovery instructions, which are necessary to follow for a desirable recovery and restoration. We will show you the ideal way to tend to your crown, including which foods to stay away from. For individuals who grind their teeth or clench their jaws, a nighttime guard may be recommended to maintain your crown. It is important to attend your yearly dental exams at DentalWorks – Canton Ford in order to ensure good oral health in the future. Regular daily brushing and flossing will help to inhibit decay or periodontal disease and the need for additional crowns later on.

Devoted to your optimal oral health, DentalWorks – Canton Ford offers treatments for individuals in Canton, MI featuring the latest dental procedures, such as dental crowns. Patients who require a crown can feel at-ease knowing they have choices that fit their aesthetic needs and budget. If you have been considering a dental crown and would like to hear more about this specialized procedure, we encourage you to contact us or set up a consultation with DentalWorks – Canton Ford today.