What Are Dental Crowns And The Reasons They Preserve Your Smile

Sometimes referred to as a cap, a dental crown can be used to treat a significant cavity, protect a fragile tooth, rescue a cracked tooth, or mask a stained tooth. Designed to be situated over the appropriate tooth and custom colored to integrate with the adjacent teeth to provide a ideal look, a dental crown protects and reinstates functionality to weakened teeth. The dental professionals of DentalWorks – Canton Ford provide numerous techniques for crowns to better suit the needs of patients in Canton, MI.

Throughout your initial appointment with a highly trained member of the DentalWorks – Canton Ford team, we will identify the multiple crown options with you in order to pick the best material that adheres to your dental needs, appearance goals, and budget. If you desire to discover more concerning the different kinds of crowns and how they can improve your smile, then continue below for further in-depth information.

A dentist might suggest a dental crown as a solution for several reasons, such as:

  • To operate as a foundation to aid in keeping dental bridges secure
  • As a support structure for loose or damaged teeth
  • Used for appearance purposes to hide discolored or misaligned teeth
  • To cover a broken tooth, defending it from revealed nerves that can cause severe sensitivity and pain
  • For maintenance of a damaged, decaying tooth in order to reduce further dental issues
  • In order to recover a tooth’s purpose and look after a root canal treatment
  • When a cavity is too large tobe fixed with a standard filling

Contingent on an individual’s goals, tooth location, and preferences, crowns are made from multiple materials. Though a number of crowns may last for around 15 years, others are merely a temporary fix.

  • Ceramic or Porcelain: Considered the most ideal aesthetic choice, this dental crown features a color-match unparalleled by any other material. Ceramic or porcelain crowns are frequently used on the forward teeth and modeled after the shape, color, and size of the individual’s natural teeth. This substance is also suitable for patients who havewho suffer from] allergic reactions to metal.
  • Porcelain over Metal: A porcelain over metal crown is a choice for protecting forward or back teeth and adds the resilience of metal to a bridge. The porcelain enables the dentist to specifically match the existing enamel of surrounding teeth for a seamless appearance.
  • Temporary: A temporary crown is made with acrylic or stainless steel and is commonly made in the dental professional’s office for faster protection, as opposed to a permanent crown prepared off-site.
  • Metal: This type of crown is normally created using stainless steel or a number of other metals that are personalized for the patient’s required needs.

The first step for individuals in Canton, MI to obtain a dental crown is to discuss with a dentist from DentalWorks – Canton Ford during an appointment. During this time, impressions of your teeth will be obtained, which ensures the custom fit of your restoration. At the time when your crown is complete, the treatment area will be effectively numbed using a local anesthetic before the current tooth can be trimmed to ensure the crown’s fit. Additional impressions may be necessary to check the comfortable fit and bite before it is secured of the crown onto the natural tooth or attached to a dental implant. The ideal shape of your new crown ensures long-term stability. The entire process might take weeks to complete because crowns are sent to a dental laboratory for customization. If necessary, a temporary crown may be recommended.

Once the anesthesia has worn off, routine daily activities may be returned to. The dental team at DentalWorks – Canton Ford can give recovery instructions, which are necessary to follow for a desirable recovery and restoration. We will show you the ideal way to tend to your crown, including which foods to stay away from. For individuals who grind their teeth or clench their jaws, a nighttime guard may be recommended to maintain your crown. It is important to attend your yearly dental exams at DentalWorks – Canton Ford in order to ensure good oral health in the future. Regular daily brushing and flossing will help to inhibit decay or periodontal disease and the need for additional crowns later on.

Devoted to your optimal oral health, DentalWorks – Canton Ford offers treatments for individuals in Canton, MI featuring the latest dental procedures, such as dental crowns. Patients who require a crown can feel at-ease knowing they have choices that fit their aesthetic needs and budget. If you have been considering a dental crown and would like to hear more about this specialized procedure, we encourage you to contact us or set up a consultation with DentalWorks – Canton Ford today.