What Are The Reasons To Get a Tooth or Teeth Extracted?

A surgical extraction is most frequently required to take out impacted teeth or the wisdom teeth.

    Your wisdom teeth (the third molars) are the last of the adult teeth to come in. The majority of people don’t have space in their mouth to fit these final molars, therefore they have to be removed before they become impacted. Normally, the extraction of the third molars is done during the teenage years or twenties when the teeth are completely developed. Should you wait to get your third molars extracted, you might have pain and need to get a more invasive surgery to get them taken out.
    Occasionally a tooth will end up impacted (stuck) and is not able to erupt above the gumline. That is why it’s crucial to take your family to the dentist to get yearly oral health examinations. Your dentist will have the ability to spot impacted teeth on x-rays and recommend an extraction to avoid discomfort or a bigger problem.

When you think that you might need a tooth extracted or if you want more information, reach out to our practice in Durham, NC to schedule a consultation. Our staff at DentalWorks – Durham is experienced in both surgical and simple extractions for people of all ages. We provide various degrees of sedation to keep you calm during the procedure. If you want to replace a permanent tooth following your extraction, we provide restorations, such as implant-support crowns and dental bridges. DentalWorks – Durham uses strong materials and colors the restoration to blend with your teeth so that your smile is amazing.