What To Do When You Chip A Tooth

Taking the time to use a pair of scissors can end up saving you a lot of trouble when you don’t chip your tooth ripping open a package. Stop chewing hard candy and ice. Cut meat off the bone and corn from the cob before you eat it. Keep your teeth strong and healthy by brushing and flossing every day. You also need to continue to schedule appointments at your dentist in Columbus, OH for oral health exams and professional cleanings. Fixing any developing issues, including cavities, will help keep your enamel strong. In the event you or your child plays any sports, ask your dentist about a mouth guard. At DentalWorks – Easton, we offer custom mouth guards made out of high-quality materials to comfortably protect your teeth and gums.

In case you or your family have chipped a tooth, please contact your dentist in Columbus, OH to schedule an appointment. At DentalWorks – Easton, we can help fix your chipped smile with bonding, veneers, or a dental crown. No matter which option you select, your team will customize your treatment plan to match your requirements and goals.