What You Should Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

Your appointments at the dentist focus on your dental health. This includes oral exams and professional cleanings, as well as procedures to repair problems like cavities. Cosmetic dentistry is a group of treatments used to improve the look of your smile. If your smile is healthy, but it doesn’t look as bright or even as you would like, talk to your board-certified dentist in Columbus, OH about cosmetic dentistry. At DentalWorks – Easton, our team is skilled in several cosmetic dental treatments that we may recommend based on your goals. If you want improvements that still look natural, you may be a great candidate for professional whitening or dental bonding and contouring. If you want a beautiful Hollywood smile, you may be a better candidate for orthodontics or porcelain veneers. You may start with one treatment to see how much you like the results or get everything done at once with a smile makeover. Before you schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation at your dentist in Columbus, OH, decide if you are a good candidate and about some of the most popular cosmetic treatments.

It’s possible you may not be a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry. An important prerequisite for cosmetic dentistry is that your teeth will need to be healthy and strong. A good dentist in Columbus, OH will not perform a cosmetic treatment if you have any problems, including gingivitis. This is to protect you from pain or making the problem worse. For example, performing teeth whitening when you have a cracked tooth can make your teeth painfully sensitive. However, your dentist can help put together a plan to restore your dental health before you start cosmetic treatments. It’s also wise to have a good home oral hygiene routine before you get a cosmetic treatment. This will help you maintain your results and keep your teeth healthy.

Whatever concerns you have about the look of your smile, there’s probably a cosmetic treatment for it. At DentalWorks – Easton, we address chipped teeth, gaps in your smile, dull or yellow enamel, gummy smiles, and more. These are our most popular cosmetic treatments:

    If you want a whiter smile faster, in-office laser teeth whitening is a smart choice. The professional whitening product is carefully applied to your enamel and then activated by the laser energy to remove years of stains. In just one treatment, your teeth may be visibly brighter.
    Trouble with a gummy smile is a common problem among people in Columbus, OH who are interested in cosmetic dentistry. Laser gum sculpting is performed to effectively remove excess tissue for a better ratio of gums to teeth.
    Veneers are a thin porcelain shell that is bonded to the front of your teeth. Slightly transparent for a more natural look, veneers can hide gaps, microdontia, discoloration, and other issues.
    Instead of guessing which over-the-counter whitening kit is right for you, talk to your dentist about a custom professional teeth whitening kit. Your dentist will customize your whitening kit with the appropriate level of whitening gel to match your needs. They can also make custom whitening trays, which are more comfortable and produce more even results.
    To mask little flaws (for example, small gaps, one or two discolored teeth, short teeth, jagged edges), bonding and contouring can be a good option. The dentist bonds a composite resin material to your teeth, then contours both the resin and your natural teeth for a smooth, even finish.
    When you have multiple problems, your dentist can create a customized treatment plan for your smile makeover. This could include an orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, then whitening to brighten your enamel or laser gum sculpting to correct a gummy smile. Your smile makeover could include whatever you need to transform your smile.
    Teeth that are straight and aligned may help improve both the appearance of your smile in addition to your dental health. With modern options like removable clear aligners, quite a few adults in Columbus, OH are getting an orthodontic treatment to address crooked or crowded teeth as well as gaps, buck teeth, underbites, overbites, and other problems.

After you choose and receive your cosmetic treatment(s), then you will want to keep your smile beautiful and healthy. For starters, you must follow a good home oral hygiene routine with brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once every day. You may consider investing in an electric toothbrush, which can make it much easier to remove enamel stains in comparison to a manual toothbrush. Mouthwash may also be a great addition to help rinse away stains and bacteria after a meal. Appointments should be scheduled at your dentist in Columbus, OH at least twice each year for oral health exams and professional cleanings. When your dental team removes built-up tartar and polishes your enamel during a cleaning, it helps brighten your smile. Your dentist can also recommend products to use at home that may fit your dental needs and cosmetic goals. They can also tell you if a treatment (for example, veneers, teeth whitening, or dental bonding) should be re-done to refresh your results. If you had an orthodontic treatment, you must wear a retainer after the main treatment is finished. The retainer holds your teeth in place while your gums and jaw adjust, so it is extremely important to wear your retainer as often and as long as is recommended.

If you’re ready to start your smile makeover, schedule a consultation with your dentist in Columbus, OH to learn about your treatment options. If you’re looking for a dentist with experience in cosmetic procedures, contact DentalWorks – Easton. Our team will be happy to perform a consultation and create a treatment plan to fit your needs and wants. We can explain all of the restorative and cosmetic treatments we perform and help you decide which one(s) will help create your best smile.