Which Type of Dentures Are Best For You?

Relining adjusts the part of the base that rests on your gums so you have a more secure fit.

    If you accidentally drop or damage your dentures, never attempt to fix them on your own. Schedule a visit at DentalWorks – Dublin to assess and repair your dentures. Even in cases where it seems like a minor issue, like a tiny crack, attempting to repair it yourself could cause even more damage.
    It’s important to keep your dentures from drying out, so always soak them in water when they are not in your mouth. For extra cleaning, you can mix in a special denture cleaning solution while they soak overnight.
    If your dentures begin to feel odd or slip out of place easily, schedule an appointment at DentalWorks – Dublin for an adjustment. Your dentist can re-fit them to make them fit better.
    Always use ambient-temperature water to soak your dentures. Soaking them in hot water can warp their shape and skew the fit.
    A high-quality denture made custom for you should stay in place without adhesives, but they can help you feel more confident. There are different types of denture adhesives on the market, such as powders, pads, or pastes, that you can try to see which works for you. Denture adhesives should be cleaned off and then put on again each day. A denture adhesive can be used regularly for peace of mind or short term while you wait for an appointment visit with your dentist to have your dentures rebased or relined.
    Restore your smile with partial or full dentures at DentalWorks – Dublin. Set up a consultation at our office in Dublin, OH to find out whether you are a good candidate for dentures and learn more about your available choices. Custom dentures made of high-quality materials will help you be more confident while eating, speaking, and smiling.