Who Should Be Worried About Oral Cancer?

    Radiation therapy utilizes localized gamma rays, x-rays, protons, electron beam to prevent the cancerous cells from growing. The radiation therapy can be aimed directly at the area impacted by cancer, which restricts side effects.
    Surgery can be performed to eliminate as much of the cancerous region as possible. Based upon the positioning of the oral cancer, this may be a very simple procedure or a lengthier operation. Cancer surgery is often followed by chemotherapy or radiation to address any residual cancer.
    A set of powerful medications, chemotherapy may be used to impede the development of cancer or kill the cancerous cells. Based on the type of chemotherapy drugs used, you might have different side effects throughout your treatment.

Be sure you are visiting a dentist in Dublin, OH at least one time annually to get a dental exam with an oral cancer screening. At DentalWorks – Dublin our staff assesses every patient for symptoms of oral cancer in their routine appointments. Early identification and treatment may significantly boost your chances of beating cancer so be certain that you and your loved ones are scheduling routine appointments to get oral cancer screenings at a dentist in Dublin, OH.