Why Dental Implants Are Considered The Ideal Tooth Replacement Option

Patients who are missing one or more teeth aren’t alone: Some people in Aurora, OH could notice themselves struggling with oral health issues that can result in tooth loss. In fact, around 175 million – 180 million U. S. citizens have undergone the loss of one tooth or several. Losing any of the permanent teeth results in negative consequences that frequently impact your oral health and self-confidence. When teeth are pulled due to damage from significant cavities, jawbone loss, or other oral issues, filling the gap immediately offers the best scenario regarding your teeth and dental wellness. Dental implants are currently a favored solution for replacing adult teeth thanks to their enduring health and aesthetic benefits. The dental care providers at DentalWorks – Bainbridge boast an impressive degree of technical training with dental implant treatments. We can help you decide on your preferred tooth replacement treatment for your individual concerns and aesthetic wishes and if dental implants are the best direction for your smile’s health.

Known for their extraordinarily realistic characteristics, dental implants are unlike most other tooth restoration techniques offered today. Implant dentistry offers a diverse range of tooth replacement options and may address anything from a single lost tooth to an entire arch. Men and women who are aiming to switch from old-fashioned tooth replacements to a longer-term option could be potential candidates for this preferred treatment. A majority of clients are selecting implants to bring function, improved health, and cosmetic appeal back to their smiles. Dental implants look, feel, and operate very much like natural teeth. With qualities that closely imitate those of natural teeth, it’s no wonder that dental implants are said to be the ideal method in tooth replacement.

The specific design of dental implants echoes the shape of natural teeth. Dental implants use high-quality titanium posts that function as an artificial tooth root, as well as natural-looking crowns that return proper structure and functional capabilities to the smile following tooth removal or loss. Over a period of 3 – 6 months, implants undergo an osseointegration period where they integrate with the bone mass and become a fixed part of the mouth. Metal posts fuse into the bone to replace a tooth root for improved stability and unrivaled support.

When to replacing lost teeth, many men and women desire a solution that brings long-term results. Dental implants are currently the only tooth replacement method that bonds with the jawbone similar to natural tooth roots. This fusion offers a stable structure, which enables dental crowns and bridges to remain in place. The metal posts are won’t deterioration and virtually never need to be replaced. Therefore, a person may benefit from a healthy smile for the long run. When implants are placed by a highly experienced specialist who implements modern methods, this operation has a 97% success ratio.

An important aspect of dental implants is the life-like cosmetic attributes this tooth substitution option offers to individuals. Our team at DentalWorks – Bainbridge creates personalized dental implant restorations that range in shape, length, and color to blend naturally with surrounding teeth. Implant-supported crowns and dentures look and seem like natural teeth. Because of this, they’re practically identical to real ones. Dental implants may also help individuals enjoy a normal face shape as well as eliminate the facial drooping that usually takes place if teeth are absent. One-piece dental implants with crowns restore single missing teeth, while fixed bridges and dentures are selected to treat several teeth. As a matter of fact, individuals should know that even a whole mouthful of missing teeth might be effectively replaced with a natural-looking, full-arch denture.

Selecting dental implants as an answer for tooth replacement may provide various improvements to overall lifestyle, especially for individuals who have been dealing with missing teeth or have had damaged teeth for a while. Because the metal posts are positioned securely within the bone, dental implants can achieve an incredibly strong biting power. Dental implants never move, become loose, make noise, or slip. They also don’t call for glue-based products to stay in place. Since implants are fixed in their spots using a sturdy metal piece within the bone, these restorations can allow patients to bite, chew, and talk without trouble. People who opt for this service can enjoy their preferred meals and smile with a renewed feeling of confidence without having to trouble themselves with the state of their oral health.

Dental implants are a trusted option for people hoping to gain back their smile, comfort, and overall health to make up for the loss of permanent teeth. These restorations are specially crafted to reinstate the aesthetic appeal and function of the teeth. Though this option is well-suited for a number of individuals, dental implants always call for enough bone strength and healthy gum tissue to work. In the event that jawbone deterioration and other conditions are preventing you from being thought of as a good candidate for dental implants, our staff may suggest specialized services to enhance the condition of your dental/oral health and develop an environment that lends itself to implant success.

If your overall health has been impacted by lost teeth, dental implants could serve as a great treatment for tooth replacement. The team at DentalWorks – Bainbridge is able to identify your individual concerns and assist you in determining if implant-supported restorations could be the answer to your dental wellness. We invite you to contact our Aurora, OH facility as soon as possible to start the journey toward having an elevated life.