Why Dental Implants Are Considered The Most Popular Tooth Replacement Option

Those of you who are missing one or two teeth are in good company: Some individuals in Orange, OH might find themselves struggling with oral health diseases that can lead to tooth loss. In fact, around 178 million Americans have experienced the loss of a single tooth or more. Losing any of your natural teeth leads to adverse outcomes that frequently impact your oral health and self-worth. Once teeth are removed because of harm from serious cavities, jawbone loss, or other oral conditions, replacing them right away will lead to the most beneficial scenario regarding your smile and oral wellness. Dental implants are, at present, a preferred solution for replacing natural teeth due to their long-term health and visual positives. The dentists at DentalWorks – Beachwood boast specialized experience in dental implant procedures. We can help you determine the most efficient tooth replacement technique for your unique needs and visual wishes and whether implant dentistry is the right direction for your oral health.

Known for their impressively realistic features, dental implants are unique from most other tooth restoration techniques performed these days. Implant dentistry offers a unique scope of tooth replacement treatments and could restore any number of teeth, from just one missing tooth to a whole mouthful. People who are aiming to switch from worn down tooth restorations to a more reliable solution could be suitable candidates for this preferred treatment. A large number of patients are selecting implant-supported restorations to bring function, improved health, and visual appeal back to their teeth. Implants appear, feel, and operate very much like real teeth. With features that closely emulate those of actual teeth, it’s no wonder that implants are thought to be the ideal method in tooth replacement.

The specific design of dental implants replicates the structure of real teeth. Implants utilize sturdy metal posts that work as an imitation tooth root, as well as natural-looking crowns that return proper structure and function to the smile following tooth extraction or loss. Over an interval of 3 – 6 months, implants undergo a fusion period in which they integrate with the jawbone and become a fixed component of the mouth. Titanium posts merge with the bone to take the place of a tooth root for improved stability and exceptional support.

When to replacing lost teeth, numerous patients seek a treatment that provides lasting outcomes. Implant-supported restorations continue to be the only tooth replacement solution that bonds with the jawbone similar to natural tooth roots. The integration produces a solid foundation, which enables dental dentures to stay fixed. Implants are cannot deterioration and don’t need replacement, which means a person should benefit from a healthy smile for the long run. If implants are placed by a highly skilled dentist who utilizes modern methods, the procedure has a nearly perfect rate of success.

An eye-catching feature of dental implants is the life-like cosmetic attributes this tooth restoration method offers to individuals. The team at DentalWorks – Beachwood crafts customized fixed restorations that vary in shape, size, and color to mix beautifully with surrounding teeth. Implants look and seem like actual teeth, which makes them virtually identical to real ones. Implants can also help people maintain a natural-looking jawline contour as well as defend against the facial sagging that generally occurs when teeth are absent. Individual dental implants made of crowns substitute single missing teeth. Meanwhile, implant bridges and dentures are used to tackle the loss of several teeth. In fact, people should be aware that even an entire arch of lost teeth may be effectively replaced with a realistic, full-arch restoration.

Utilizing dental implants as an answer for tooth restoration will often provide an array of improvements to general lifestyle, particularly for patients who have been suffering from lost teeth or have had deteriorating teeth for a while. Because the titanium pieces are inserted securely within the bone, implants can achieve an incredibly stable biting function. Implant-supported solutions do not change placement, rock, or slide. They also don’t need sticky substances to hold their place. Because dental implants are supported by a firm titanium piece within the bone, they can allow people to bite, eat, and talk without hassle. Those who select this procedure could enjoy their most-treasured meals and smile with a renewed sense of self-worth while not having to dwell on the state of their oral health.

Implants are a reliable answer for people wishing to gain back their smile, lifestyle, and overall health to make up for the loss of permanent teeth. Implants are custom-crafted to restore the aesthetic appeal and strength of the smile. While ideal for a number of patients, dental implants always need proper jawbone strength and healthy gums to serve their purpose. If jawbone deterioration and other issues are hindering you from being thought of as a potential candidate for dental implants, our team will often suggest certain procedures to enhance the condition of your dental/oral wellness and promote an environment that lends itself to favorable outcomes.

When your oral wellness has been impacted by missing teeth, dental implants might act as an excellent option for tooth replacement. Our staff at DentalWorks – Beachwood is willing to address your individual problems and assist you in discovering if implants could be appropriate for your oral health. We invite you to reach out to our Orange, OH office as soon as possible and start the journey toward benefitting from an improved life.