Why Dental Implants Are Deemed The Most Reliable Tooth Replacement Treatment

Men and women who are missing several teeth aren’t alone. Many men and women in Burlington, NC may notice themselves developing dental health conditions that can bring about loose or missing teeth. As a matter of fact, around 178 million women and men in this country have undergone the loss of one tooth or more. Missing any of the permanent teeth leads to adverse outcomes that typically harm your oral health and self-worth. After teeth are pulled because of harm from extreme decay, bone loss, or other oral concerns, filling the gap promptly will lead to the most beneficial situation for your teeth and oral wellness. Dental implant restorations are, at this moment, the preferred technique for replacing natural teeth thanks to their long-lasting wellness and visual improvements. The dental professionals at DentalWorks – Burlington have specialized experience in dental implant techniques. Our team will help you determine the most effective tooth replacement solution for your unique needs and aesthetic wishes and whether dental implants are the best answer for your smile’s health.

Sought-after for their highly life-like structure, dental implants are not like the rest of the other tooth replacement techniques provided these days. Implant dentistry provides a unique range of tooth replacement alternatives and could treat anywhere from a single lost tooth to an entire mouthful. Men and women who are trying to switch from old-fashioned tooth replacements to a more durable option can be potential candidates to receive this popular service. Several individuals are turning to implant dentistry to bring functional capabilities, improved health, and cosmetic allure back to their teeth. Implants appear, feel, and operate very much like real teeth. Having features that closely imitate those of natural teeth, it’s no wonder that dental implants are regarded as the ideal method in tooth restoration.

The specific design of the implants mirrors the shape of real teeth. Dental implants use medical-grade metal posts that work as a manmade tooth root, as well as real-looking crowns that give adequate form and function to the smile following tooth extraction or loss. Over a time-frame of 3 – 6 months, implants undergo a fusion period in which they bond with the bone mass and become a permanent part of the mouth. Implants are incorporated within the jawbone to replace tooth roots for long-term stability and exceptional support.

When to replenishing lost teeth, many men and women desire a solution that gives long-term results. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement solution that fuses with the bone similar to actual tooth roots. The process of osseointegration produces a reliable foundation, enabling oral crowns to stay fixed. Implants are resistant to deterioration and almost never require replacement. Therefore, a person will experience a healthy smile for many years. If implants are provided by a highly talented specialist who utilizes the latest techniques, the operation has an impressive success rate.

A notable trait of dental implants is the carefully designed visual qualities this tooth restoration method brings to patients. Our team at DentalWorks – Burlington crafts customized implant restorations that vary in shape, size, and shade to fit in seamlessly with nearby teeth. Dental implants resemble and feel like natural teeth, which makes them practically indistinguishable from real ones. Fixed restorations can also help men and women keep a normal face shape and prevent the skin drooping that often takes place if teeth are gone. Lone implants that use crowns restore single missing teeth, while implant bridges and half- or full-arch dentures are chosen to treat the loss of an entire arch of teeth. As a matter of fact, people should know that even an entire mouthful of lost teeth could be effectively replaced with a natural-looking, full-arch restoration.

Receiving dental implants for tooth restoration may produce various improvements to general lifestyle, especially for men and women who have been experiencing lost teeth or have had deteriorating teeth for a long period of time. Since the metal posts are placed firmly within the jawbone, implants offer an impressively stable biting power. Implant-supported solutions never shift, rock, or slide: They also don’t call for glue-based products to hold their place. Since implants are supported by a sturdy titanium post within the bone, these restorations can allow patients to bite, chew, and carry on conversation comfortably. Individuals who go with this solution often get to have their most-treasured meals and smile with a rediscovered feeling of confidence while not having to dwell on the state of their dental health.

Dental implants are a popular answer for those wanting to gain back their smile, quality of life, and overall health following the absence of permanent teeth. Implant-based solutions are expertly designed to restore the beauty and function of the teeth. Although they are great for a number of people, dental implants do demand adequate bone support and disease-free gum tissue to work. In the event that jawbone regression and other issues are keeping you from being an ideal candidate for implants, our team will often suggest certain services to enhance the quality of your dental/oral wellness and promote an environment that lends itself to favorable outcomes.

If your dental health has been impacted by missing teeth, dental implants may serve as a wonderful option for tooth replacement. The staff at DentalWorks – Burlington is eager to identify your individual needs and aid you in discovering if implant-supported restorations might be ideal for your oral health. We encourage you to call our Burlington, NC practice as soon as possible and start the path toward benefitting from an improved life.