Why Dental Implants Are Hailed As The Greatest Tooth Replacement Solution

Individuals who have lost one or two teeth are in good company: Many people in Chicago, IL could find themselves experiencing oral health issues that can bring about loose or missing teeth. As a matter of fact, around 175 million – 180 million Americans have undergone the loss of one tooth or more. Missing as few as one of your permanent teeth results in adverse outcomes that frequently impact your oral wellness and self-confidence. Once teeth are extracted due to damage from serious cavities, bone loss, or other oral conditions, replacing them promptly offers the best situation regarding your smile and dental health. Dental implant restorations are currently the favored solution for substituting permanent teeth because of their enduring wellness and cosmetic benefits. The team at DentalWorks – Chicago Loop boast a great deal of advanced education in dental implant techniques. We can help you identify the most effective tooth replacement technique for your individual concerns and cosmetic goals and if implants are the right direction for your dental wellness.

Reputed for their extraordinarily life-like traits, dental implants are not like most other tooth restoration methods offered these days. Implant dentistry provides a unique scope of tooth replacement options and could restore anything from just one lost tooth to an entire mouthful. Individuals who are aiming to change from old-fashioned tooth replacements to a more durable option can be qualified candidates to receive this popular treatment. Many individuals are turning to implant-based solutions to bring functional capabilities, health, and cosmetic allure back to their teeth. Implants look, feel, and act similarly to real teeth. Having features that closely emulate those of natural teeth, it’s no wonder that dental implants are considered the best option in tooth restoration.

The carefully crafted design of the implants replicates the shape of real teeth. Implants utilize sturdy metal posts that function as a manmade tooth root, as well as believable-looking crowns that return adequate shape and functional capabilities to the smile following tooth extraction or loss. Over an interval of 3 – 6 months, implant-supported restorations go through a fusion system in which they integrate with the bone and become a permanent component of the mouth. Titanium posts fuse into the bone to act as a tooth root for increased stability and unmatched support.

In regard to to restoring lost teeth, many people seek an answer that offers lasting outcomes. Implants are the only tooth replacement option that integrates with the jawbone like actual tooth roots. The integration offers a solid foundation, enabling oral crowns and bridges to stay in place. The titanium posts are impervious to deterioration and rarely require replacement. Therefore, you should experience a full smile for the long term. If dental implants are provided by a thoroughly skilled professional who employs the latest techniques, the service boasts a 97% success rate.

An eye-catching aspect of dental implants is the natural visual qualities this tooth replacement solution brings to patients. The team at DentalWorks – Chicago Loop designs customized fixed restorations that vary in shape, size, and shade to blend flawlessly with nearby teeth. Implant-supported crowns and dentures look and seem like actual teeth and are nearly indiscernible from real ones. Dental implants may also help people maintain a natural-looking jaw contour as well as defend against the facial sagging that usually forms if teeth are gone. Individual dental implants that use crowns replace single lost teeth. Meanwhile, fixed bridges and partial or full dentures are placed to overcome the loss of multiple teeth. As a matter of fact, people should be aware that even an entire upper or lower region of lost teeth may be effectively replaced with a beautiful, full-arch denture.

Receiving dental implants as an option for tooth restoration may provide an array of enhancements to general lifestyle, especially for people who have been living with lost teeth or have had deteriorating teeth for some time. Because the metal pieces are positioned solidly within the jawbone, implants offer a very strong biting function. Fixed dentures, crowns, and bridges do not move, rock, or slide: They also don’t need sticky substances to hold their position. Since dental implants are held in their position with a reliable metal piece within the jawbone, they can allow patients to bite, eat, and talk comfortably. People who choose this solution often get to eat their preferred foods and smile with a renewed feeling of self-worth without having to worry about the state of their overall wellness.

Implants are a popular option for individuals wishing to gain back their smile, quality of life, and overall health to make up for the loss of natural teeth. These restorations are expertly made to reestablish the beauty and strength of the teeth. Although they are well-suited for a number of patients, dental implants do need enough jawbone support and healthy gum tissue to work. In the event that bone deterioration and other conditions are hindering you from being a potential candidate for fixed implant restorations, our team might recommend specialized services to improve the condition of your dental/oral health and promote an environment for favorable results.

If your dental wellness has been harmed by missing teeth, dental implants could serve as a great solution for tooth replacement. Our staff at DentalWorks – Chicago Loop is prepared to identify your personal concerns and aid you in determining if implants could be the answer to your oral health. We encourage you to contact our Chicago, IL facility at your earliest convenience to start the path toward having an improved life.