Why Dental Implants Are Hailed As The Most Reliable Tooth Restoration Solution

Those of you who have lost one or two teeth are in good company. Some men and women in Cary, NC could notice themselves developing dental health diseases that can give rise to missing teeth. As a matter of fact, around 175 million – 180 million U. S. citizens have undergone the loss of one tooth or more. Missing even one of your permanent teeth carries negative outcomes that often harm your dental health and emotional security. After teeth are extracted due to deterioration from advanced tooth decay, bone loss, or other dental problems, filling the empty space right away provides the best-case scenario regarding your smile and oral health. Dental implant restorations are currently a favored technique for replacing adult teeth due to their reliable wellness and cosmetic positives. The staff at DentalWorks – Cary Crossroads have years of technical training in dental implant procedures. Our staff can help you decide on the most efficient tooth replacement technique for your individual needs and cosmetic wishes and whether implant dentistry is the right answer for your oral health.

Sought-after for their extraordinarily life-like design, dental implants are unique from most other tooth restoration methods performed. Implant dentistry provides a unique range of tooth replacement services and can address anywhere from just one lost tooth to an entire mouthful. People who are aiming to switch from traditional tooth replacements to a longer-term solution can be good candidates to receive this popular service. A majority of people have been choosing implant-based solutions to bring functional capabilities, health, and visual appeal back to their smiles. Implants appear, feel, and operate very much like real teeth. With structures that closely imitate those of real teeth, it’s unsurprising that implants are regarded as the “gold standard” in tooth substitution.

The specific design of dental implants replicates the structure of actual teeth. Dental implants use durable titanium posts that act as an artificial tooth root, as well as real-looking crowns that give effective form and functional capabilities to the smile following the loss of teeth. Over a time-frame of 3 – 6 months, implants undergo an osseointegration process in which they integrate with the bone mass and become a permanent component of the mouth. Metal posts fuse into the jawbone to replace a tooth root for improved stability and unmatched support.

When it comes to to replacing lost teeth, most patients desire a treatment that brings long-term outcomes. Dental implants continue to be the only tooth replacement method that fuses with the jawbone similar to actual tooth roots. This process, called osseointegration, offers a reliable structure, which allows oral restorations to stay in the mouth. The metal posts are cannot deterioration and rarely need to be replaced, which means you can benefit from a full smile for far into the future. When implants are placed by a thoroughly trained professional who makes use of modern methods, this treatment has a 97% rate of success.

An appealing aspect of dental implants is the natural cosmetic attributes this tooth restoration solution provides to individuals. Our team at DentalWorks – Cary Crossroads crafts personalized dental implant solutions that range in shape, length, and color to mix seamlessly with surrounding teeth. Dental implants look and seem like actual teeth. Because of this, they’re nearly identical to real ones. Dental implants should also help people enjoy a pleasing jaw shape and eliminate the facial sagging that frequently takes place if teeth are missing. One-piece implants with crowns substitute single missing teeth. Meanwhile, implant-supported bridges and partial or full dentures are utilized to tackle the loss of multiple teeth. As a matter of fact, people should be aware that even a whole mouthful of missing teeth may be effectively replaced with an appealing, full-arch denture.

Selecting dental implants as an option for tooth restoration may produce a number of positive changes to general way of life, especially for men and women who have been suffering from lost teeth or have had damaged teeth for a long period of time. Because the titanium posts are inserted solidly within the jawbone, implants can achieve an incredibly strong biting function. Implants never shift, become loose, make noise, or slide: They also don’t call for glue to hold their place. Because dental implants are kept in place with a sturdy titanium piece within the jawbone, they can allow individuals to bite, eat, and speak with ease. Men and women who go with this option will get to have their preferred foods and smile with a new sense of self-worth while not having to be concerned with the condition of their dental health.

Implants are a reliable treatment for individuals hoping to gain back their smile, way of life, and dental health to make up for the absence of adult teeth. These restorations are specially created to reinstate the beauty and health of the smile. While viable for several individuals, dental implants always call for adequate bone support and healthy gum tissue to work. In the event that jawbone regression or other conditions are hindering you from being an ideal candidate for dental implants, our team could recommend advanced services to enhance the state of your dental/oral health and create an environment that lends itself to favorable results.

When your oral health has been affected by missing teeth, dental implants might be an excellent option for tooth replacement. The team at DentalWorks – Cary Crossroads is prepared to identify your individual problems and assist you in figuring out if dental implants might be appropriate for your dental health. We invite you to reach out to our Cary, NC office today so you can begin the journey toward benefitting from an improved life.