Why Dental Implants Are Known As The Ideal Tooth Restoration Treatment

Those of you who are missing several teeth aren’t alone. Some individuals in Aurora, IL might end up experiencing oral health issues that can lead to loose or missing teeth. In fact, approximately 180 million women and men in this country have undergone the loss of a single tooth or many. Missing as few as one of the natural teeth carries adverse effects that usually harm your oral health and self-worth. When teeth are removed due to damage from advanced cavities, bone weakening, or other dental problems, filling the empty space immediately provides the best-case situation regarding your teeth and wellness. Implants are currently a favored method for substituting adult teeth because of their reliable wellness and aesthetic benefits. The staff at DentalWorks- Aurora boast years of technical education with dental implant solutions. Our staff will help you decide on the most effective tooth replacement procedure to suit your unique needs and cosmetic goals and whether implant dentistry is the best direction for your smile’s wellness.

Praised for their extraordinarily life-like traits, dental implants are unique from any other tooth restoration methods provided today. Implant dentistry provides a versatile range of tooth replacement options and might address anywhere from a single missing tooth to an entire arch. Patients who are aiming to change from traditional tooth restorations to a more reliable solution might be good candidates to receive this preferred procedure. Numerous people are turning to implant-supported restorations to bring functional capabilities, health, and aesthetic allure back to their smiles. Dental implants look, feel, and work comparably to real teeth. Having traits that closely echo those of natural teeth, it’s unsurprising that implants are said to be the best option in tooth restoration.

The carefully created design of the implants echoes the structure of actual teeth. Implants use medical-grade metal posts that serve as a manmade tooth root, as well as natural-looking crowns that give proper shape and functional capabilities to the smile following tooth extraction or loss. Over a period of 3 – 6 months, implant-supported restorations undergo an osseointegration system in which they integrate with the jawbone and become a permanent part of the mouth. Titanium posts merge with the jawbone to take the place of a tooth root for long-term stability and unparalleled support.

For to restoring missing teeth, most individuals desire an answer that brings lasting outcomes. Implants are the sole tooth replacement method that merges with the jawbone like natural tooth roots. The integration offers a stable structure, which enables dental dentures to stay fixed. Implants are impervious to decay and virtually never need to be replaced, which means a person will experience a healthy smile for the long run. If dental implants are positioned by a thoroughly trained dentist who employs contemporary techniques, the solution has an exceptionally high success ratio.

An eye-catching aspect of dental implants is the realistic cosmetic qualities this tooth restoration option gives to individuals. The team at DentalWorks- Aurora creates customized fixed solutions that range in shape, length, and color to blend seamlessly with nearby teeth. Implants resemble and seem like actual teeth. As such, they’re practically indistinguishable from real ones. Implants may also help patients enjoy a normal face contour as well as defend against the skin drooping that usually develops when teeth are absent. Individual implants made of crowns take the place of single lost teeth, while fixed bridges and half- or full-arch dentures are used to address the loss of numerous teeth. As a matter of fact, people should know that even an entire arch of missing teeth might be properly replaced with a beautiful, full-arch restoration.

Selecting dental implants as an option for tooth restoration might provide an array of positive changes to general quality of life, particularly for individuals who have been putting up with missing teeth or have had deteriorating teeth for many years. Since the metal pieces are positioned firmly within the bone, dental implants can achieve an impressively strong biting power. Dental implants never move, become loose, make noise, or slip. They also don’t need glue-based products to remain in position. Because dental implants are kept in place with a sturdy titanium post within the bone, they can enable people to bite, chew, and carry on conversation without trouble. Those who opt for this procedure can enjoy their favorite foods and smile with a rediscovered feeling of self-worth while not having to be concerned with the state of their dental health.

Implant-supported restorations are a sought-after treatment for individuals wanting to gain back their smile, quality of life, and overall health to make up for the loss of natural teeth. These restorations are expertly created to reinstate the visual appeal and strength of the teeth. While this option is great for a number of people, dental implants always call for enough jawbone support and disease-free gums to be successful. In the event that jawbone loss or other circumstances are hindering you from being a potential candidate for fixed implant restorations, our team may suggest certain services to enhance the condition of your dental/oral health and create an environment that lends itself to favorable results.

If your dental wellness has been affected by missing teeth, dental implants may act as a great option for tooth restoration. Our team at DentalWorks- Aurora is willing to identify your individual concerns and aid you in discovering if dental implants could be right for your dental wellness. We welcome you to reach out to our Aurora, IL practice as soon as possible to begin the path toward having an enhanced life.