Why Dental Implants Continue To Be The Ideal Tooth Restoration Treatment

Individuals who have lost some teeth are in good company: Many patients in Charlotte, NC could end up developing oral health conditions that can bring about loose or missing teeth. In fact, a reported 178 million U. S. citizens have undergone the loss of one tooth or more. Missing any of your natural teeth causes adverse effects that commonly impact your dental wellness and self-esteem. After teeth are pulled due to damage from serious cavities, jawbone weakening, or other oral concerns, replacing them as soon as possible provides the best-case scenario regarding your teeth and oral health. Dental implants are, at this moment, a preferred technique for substituting permanent teeth thanks to their reliable health and cosmetic impacts. Our dental care providers at DentalWorks – Charlotte boast a great deal of advanced experience in dental implant solutions. We will help you decide on the most beneficial tooth replacement procedure to suit your unique concerns and cosmetic aspirations and if implant dentistry is the best answer for your smile’s wellness.

Praised for their impressively life-like design, dental implants are unique from any other tooth restoration techniques offered. Implant dentistry provides a wide scope of tooth replacement alternatives and may address any number of teeth, from just one lost tooth to a whole arch. Those who are trying to change from dated tooth restorations to a more reliable solution could be potential candidates for this popular treatment. A majority of individuals are selecting implant-supported restorations to bring function, health, and visual allure back to their teeth. Dental implants appear, feel, and act very much like natural teeth. With structures that closely emulate those of natural teeth, it’s unsurprising that implants are regarded as the ideal method in tooth restoration.

The specific design of implants resembles the structure of natural teeth. Implants consist of high-quality titanium posts that serve as a synthetic tooth root, as well as real-looking crowns that restore adequate form and functional capabilities to the smile following tooth loss. Over an interval of 3 – 6 months, the metal posts go through an osseointegration process in which they integrate with the bone mass and become a permanent component of the mouth. Titanium posts merge with the bone to substitute tooth roots for lasting stability and unmatched support.

In regard to to replenishing lost teeth, many men and women desire an answer that gives long-term outcomes. Implant-based solutions continue to be the only tooth replacement solution that integrates with the bone like actual tooth roots. The fusion produces a stable foundation, enabling oral restorations to stay in place. The titanium posts are immune from deterioration and rarely require replacement, which means a person should experience a full smile for many years. If dental implants are placed by a highly experienced professional who employs modern methods, this service has a nearly perfect success rate.

A notable trait of dental implants is the realistic visual attributes this tooth substitution solution brings to individuals. Our staff at DentalWorks – Charlotte designs customized dental implant restorations that range in shape, length, and whiteness to blend naturally with nearby teeth. Implants look and seem like natural teeth. As such, they’re nearly identical to real ones. Dental implants should also help people keep a pleasing face contour and prevent the facial sagging that generally forms when teeth are absent. One-piece dental implants that use crowns replace single missing teeth. Meanwhile, implant bridges and half- or full-arch dentures are used to manage the loss of several teeth. In fact, men and women should be aware that even a whole upper or lower region of lost teeth may be properly replaced with a natural-looking, full-arch denture.

Utilizing dental implants as an answer for tooth replacement will often bring numerous positive changes to general lifestyle, most notably for people who have been living with lost teeth or have had deteriorating teeth for a while. Since the metal screws are positioned securely within the bone, implants offer an incredibly strong biting function. Fixed restorations cannot shift, become loose, make noise, or slip: They also don’t call for glue to remain in position. Because dental implants are kept in place with a reliable metal piece within the jawbone, these restorations can enable people to bite, chew, and carry on conversation without trouble. Patients who go with this treatment may have their preferred foods and smile with a newfound feeling of self-assurance while not having to dwell on the condition of their overall health.

Implants are a great solution for those wishing to gain back their smile, lifestyle, and oral health to make up for the absence of natural teeth. These restorations are custom-crafted to restore the beauty and function of the teeth. Though this option is viable for several individuals, dental implants always require proper bone strength and healthy gum tissue to be successful. If jawbone regression and other problems are preventing you from being thought of as a suitable candidate for implants, our staff may suggest certain services to enhance the quality of your dental/oral wellness and create an environment for implant success.

When your dental wellness has been impacted by missing teeth, dental implants can be a reliable option for tooth restoration. The staff at DentalWorks – Charlotte is prepared to evaluate your individual problems and aid you in figuring out if implant dentistry might be proper for your oral wellness. We welcome you to contact our Charlotte, NC office as early as possible so you can start the path toward having an enhanced life.