Why Dental Implants Continue To Be The Most Popular Tooth Restoration Option

People who have lost several teeth aren’t alone. Some individuals in Clearwater, IN could end up developing dental health diseases that can cause missing teeth. In fact, approximately 180 million Americans have experienced the loss of a single tooth or more. Losing as few as one of your natural teeth results in adverse consequences that frequently harm your oral wellness and self-confidence. Once teeth are removed due to deterioration from advanced tooth decay, jawbone loss, or other oral problems, filling the empty space promptly will lead to the best situation regarding your smile and health. Implants are, at present, the favored method for replacing permanent teeth because of their reliable wellness and cosmetic advantages. The dental professionals at DentalWorks – Clearwater boast an impressive degree of advanced expertise in dental implant techniques. Our team will help you discover the most beneficial tooth replacement technique for your unique concerns and visual aspirations and whether implants are the best direction for your oral wellness.

Well-known for their highly realistic qualities, dental implants are not like the rest of the other tooth restoration techniques available today. Implant dentistry provides a versatile range of tooth replacement treatments and may restore anything from just one lost tooth to an entire arch. Patients who are aiming to change from worn down tooth restorations to a more permanent solution could be good candidates to receive this popular service. Many patients are selecting implant-based solutions to bring function, improved health, and aesthetic allure back to their teeth. Implants look, feel, and act comparably to actual teeth.
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With structures that closely echo those of natural teeth, it’s unsurprising that implants are said to be the “gold standard” in tooth replacement.

The carefully crafted design of the implants echoes the structure of actual teeth. Implants use solid titanium posts that act as a synthetic tooth root, as well as realistic crowns that return adequate structure and function to the smile after tooth loss. Over a period of 3 – 6 months, implant-supported restorations undergo a fusion period in which they integrate with the bone mass and become a fixed part of the mouth. Implants are incorporated within the jawbone to replace a tooth root for increased stability and exceptional support.

In regard to to restoring missing teeth, a great number of men and women look for a solution that provides long-term results. Implant-based solutions are currently the sole tooth replacement solution that fuses with the jawbone like natural tooth roots. The process, called osseointegration, offers a solid foundation, which allows dental restorations to stay in the mouth. The titanium posts are won’t decay and almost never require replacement. Therefore, a person should experience a healthy smile for far into the future. When placed by a highly trained specialist who uses contemporary techniques, this procedure carries a nearly perfect success ratio.

A notable trait of dental implants is the realistic visual attributes this tooth substitution option gives to individuals. The staff at DentalWorks – Clearwater creates personalized implant-supported restorations that vary in shape, length, and shade to blend seamlessly with nearby teeth.
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Dental implants resemble and feel like actual teeth, which makes them almost entirely indistinguishable from real ones. Dental implants might also help men and women have a natural-looking face shape as well as eliminate the facial drooping that typically takes place when teeth are missing. One-piece dental implants that use crowns replace single lost teeth, while implant-supported bridges and half- or full-arch dentures are chosen to tackle the loss of multiple teeth. In fact, people should be aware that even an entire arch of lost teeth may be efficiently replaced with an appealing, full-arch denture.

Receiving dental implants for tooth replacement may offer various improvements to overall way of life, most notably for individuals who have been living with lost teeth or have had decaying teeth for several years. Since the metal screws are inserted firmly within the jawbone, dental implants can achieve an incredibly consistent biting function. Fixed restorations do not move, become loose, make noise, or slide. They also don’t call for adhesive products to remain in position. Since implants are held in their position with a firm metal post within the jawbone, they can allow individuals to bite, chew, and converse comfortably. Men and women who choose this option often get to eat their favorite foods and smile with a newfound sense of self-worth without having to trouble themselves with the condition of their oral wellness.

Implants are a reliable solution for individuals wishing to gain back their smile, comfort, and dental health following the absence of natural teeth. These restorations are specially crafted to restore the beauty and function of your teeth. While ideal for several patients, dental implants always require adequate bone support and disease-free gum tissue to be successful. If bone loss or other concerns are hindering you from being considered an ideal candidate for dental implants, our team could suggest certain procedures to enhance the quality of your dental/oral health and develop an environment to encourage implant success.
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When your overall wellness has been impacted by lost teeth, dental implants could act as a wonderful solution for tooth replacement. Our team at DentalWorks – Clearwater is able to evaluate your individual issues and aid you in figuring out if implant-based solutions might be appropriate for your oral wellness. We invite you to get in touch with our Clearwater, IN facility today so you can set out on the journey toward having an elevated life.