Why Dental Implants Prevail As The Greatest Tooth Replacement Solution

Individuals who have lost a few or many teeth are in good company. Some people in Cranberry Township, PA may find themselves experiencing oral health conditions that can give rise to loose or missing teeth. As a matter of fact, roughly 180 million U. S. citizens have experienced the loss of a single tooth or more. Missing as few as one of the permanent teeth leads to adverse consequences that typically impact your oral wellness and self-assurance. Once teeth are pulled due to deterioration from extreme decay, bone weakening, or other dental conditions, replacing them right away will lead to the best scenario for your teeth and wellness. Dental implants are currently a favored method for substituting natural teeth because of their reliable health and visual improvements. Our dental care providers at DentalWorks – Cranberry Township have a great deal of specialized expertise with dental implant procedures. Our dentists can help you decide on the most effective tooth replacement treatment for your unique concerns and aesthetic goals and whether or not implants are the right direction for your dental wellness.

Sought-after for their impressively natural-looking features, dental implants are not like most other tooth replacement options performed. Implant dentistry provides a versatile range of tooth replacement solutions and can treat anywhere from just one missing tooth to an entire mouthful. Men and women who are aiming to change from worn down tooth restorations to a longer-lasting option might be possible candidates for this preferred service. Several men and women have been selecting dental implants to bring functional capabilities, health, and aesthetic appeal back to their smiles. Implants look, feel, and behave very much like actual teeth. With structures that closely emulate those of natural teeth, it’s unsurprising that dental implants are said to be the ideal method for tooth substitution.

The carefully crafted design of dental implants mirrors the shape of actual teeth. Implants utilize durable metal posts that serve as a manmade tooth root, as well as natural-looking crowns that restore effective form and function to the smile following tooth extraction or loss. During a period of 3 – 6 months, implant-supported restorations undergo an osseointegration period where they integrate with the jawbone and become a fixed part of the mouth. Implants merge with the jawbone to replace a tooth root for increased stability and unequaled support.

When it comes to to replacing missing teeth, the majority of men and women seek a treatment that provides lasting results. Fixed implants continue to be the only tooth replacement option that merges with the bone like actual tooth roots. This integration produces a solid foundation that enables dental crowns to stay in the mouth. The titanium posts are won’t deterioration and almost never require replacement, which means you could experience a healthy smile for the long term. When done by a thoroughly skilled specialist who uses contemporary methods, this service boasts an incredibly high rate of success.

An eye-catching feature of dental implants is the life-like visual attributes this tooth substitution solution offers to patients. The staff at DentalWorks – Cranberry Township designs individualized fixed solutions that range in shape, size, and whiteness to fit in beautifully with surrounding teeth. Dental implants look and feel like actual teeth. As such, they’re almost entirely indistinguishable from real ones. Implants may also help patients maintain a normal jaw contour and protect against the skin sagging that commonly forms if teeth are gone. Lone dental implants with crowns take the place of single lost teeth, while implant-supported bridges and half- or full-arch dentures are selected to tackle multiple teeth. In fact, patients should know that even a whole upper or lower region of lost teeth can be properly replaced with an appealing, full-arch restoration.

Receiving dental implants as an option for tooth restoration will often bring numerous improvements to overall lifestyle, particularly for patients who have been living with lost teeth or have had decaying teeth for a long period of time. Since the metal screws are placed firmly within the bone, dental implants can achieve a very strong biting function. Dental implants cannot change placement, rock, or slip: They also don’t call for glue-based products to remain in place. Since implants are held in their position with a sturdy metal post within the bone, they can allow people to bite, eat, and carry on conversation without trouble. Individuals who opt for this solution may have their favorite meals and smile with a renewed feeling of self-assurance without having to be concerned with the state of their dental health.

Dental implants are a reliable answer for individuals hoping to gain back their smile, quality of life, and dental health following the loss of adult teeth. Implant-based solutions are custom-designed to restore the aesthetic appeal and strength of the teeth. While this option is ideal for a number of individuals, dental implants always require proper bone strength and healthy gum tissue to work. If bone deterioration or other circumstances are preventing you from being considered a potential candidate for fixed implant restorations, our dentists can suggest certain treatments to improve the state of your dental/oral health and promote an environment for implant success.

When your overall health has been affected by missing teeth, dental implants can be a wonderful treatment for tooth replacement. Our team at DentalWorks – Cranberry Township is eager to address your individual needs and aid you in figuring out if implant-based solutions could be appropriate for your dental wellness. We invite you to reach out to our Cranberry Township, PA practice as soon as possible so you can start the path toward having an improved life.