Why Is My Smile Gummy And What Can I Do To Fix It?

Overgrown gum tissue can develop because of genetics, certain medication, as well as inflammation or an infection in your gum pockets. Before correcting your smile, your dentist should look for the underlying cause. If the problem is caused by gum disease, you may need a scaling and root planing treatment. If there is no underlying condition causing your gum overgrowth, your smile can usually be raised with laser gum sculpting by an experienced dentist in Cary, NC.

    Certain individuals have a hyperactive upper lip, so the muscles that move the skin under the nose bring the lip up too far, which exposes more of the gums. This is usually a genetic trait and while it isn’t a medical problem, a lot of people would like to get it corrected so their smile looks more attractive. Many patients in Cary, NC have corrected their gummy smile caused by a hyperactive upper lip with BOTOX.
    In some instances, how your jaw and teeth developed can lead to a gummy smile. For example, an upper jaw that pops out can result in buck teeth and too much gum tissue. A dental misalignment is normally fixed with an orthodontic treatment, like braces or removable aligners.

      If your excess gum tissue is caused by an infection or inflammation, your dentist may deal with this with a scaling and root planing (SRP) treatment. Once the underlying issue is dealt with, your dentist can determine if you are still a good candidate for laser gum sculpting.
      To get rid of overgrown gum tissue and reveal more enamel, our dental practice in Cary, NC features laser gum sculpting (also referred to as periodontal plastic surgery or crown lengthening). Employing modern technology and techniques, we carefully remove tiny strips of gum until an even gumline is shaped. The laser cauterizes the gum tissue to minimize bleeding during the procedure and make your recovery faster in contrast to traditional gum surgery. Your dentist will use the laser to contour your gums so your smile has the optimal ratio of teeth to gum tissue. Depending on your particular needs, DentalWorks – Cary Crossroads offers different options of sedation to keep you comfortable while we contour your gums.
      If your gummy smile is caused by a hyperactive upper lip, you may ask your dentist about injections of BOTOX. Similar to the way injections of BOTOX relax facial muscles to minimize wrinkles on your forehead, BOTOX can be used in the area above your lips to temporarily decrease the motion of your lip when you smile so your gums stay covered. While many dental practices in Cary, NC do not perform BOTOX injections, they can usually recommend a skilled plastic surgeon to help you.
      To repair a gummy smile caused by a bad bite, your dentist may recommend an orthodontic treatment. At DentalWorks – Cary Crossroads, we offer clear aligners to fulfill the needs of each of our patients in Cary, NC. Our team evaluates each patient’s unique needs and goals before recommending a customized orthodontic treatment plan. Once it’s finished, your smile will be less gummy and your whole mouth will be healthier once your teeth are correctly positioned and spaced.

    If you are seeking a solution to a gummy smile, there are options to help fix it at DentalWorks – Cary Crossroads. A more attractive smile can boost your confidence and you may find you want to smile more! To find out more about laser gum contouring to remove excess tissue, get in touch with your dentist in Cary, NC to schedule a consultation. When patients come to DentalWorks – Cary Crossroads, our team will assess your teeth and gums and discuss your treatment options. Our skilled team can perform a scaling and root planing treatment to reduce gum inflammation or laser gum contouring to remove overgrown tissue. We also offer modern orthodontic options that will not simply correct your gummy smile, but also align your teeth for a healthy mouth. No matter which treatment you pick, we’ll create a treatment plan that improves the appearance of your gumline so you’re able to smile with the right ratio of enamel to gums.