Why to Trust Invisalign® Braces to Help Your Ortho Care

Well-aligned teeth produce the visual appeal of an attractive and glowing smile — a trait numerous patients desire to achieve. But for a wide range of individuals, dental issues like crooked, overcrowded, or widely spaced teeth could stand in the way of their desired smile. Although traditional metal braces are a reliable method to achieve an even, beautiful smile, the thought of wearing braces for 1 – 3 years is unappealing to many adult and adolescent Monaca, PA individuals.

Invisalign orthodontic technology provides a reliable solution for numerous mature and teen individuals who desire orthodontic treatment to enhance the look and functionality of their minorly misaligned teeth without traditional braces. This revolutionary treatment has improved the teeth alignment process and creates impressive results. If you’re dissatisfied with your smile and are wanting to secure a solution that suits your needs, our team at DentalWorks – Beaver Valley welcomes you to read this blog and learn about the main benefits of seeking out Invisalign aligners for your ortho treatment.

Our dentists in Monaca, PA are pleased to talk about the advantages of Invisalign clear aligners with teen and adult individuals. Although traditional metal braces are still the ideal orthodontic treatment for some patients, five of the biggest reasons men, women, and teens select Invisalign include:

Simple to Use
When contrasted with traditional metal braces, a number of individuals say that Invisalign trays are more convenient to wear. The fitted, clear appliances are custom crafted to accommodate the teeth, offering a fit and feel that’s incredibly comfortable yet secure. Getting Invisalign enables patients to evade the inconveniences of metal brackets and wires, which might accumulate food particles and plaque and typically lead to inner mouth irritation.

Nearly Invisible Appliances
Invisalign trays are made of a clear material that is notably less visible to others when compared to the appearance of metal bracket and archwire hardware. The discreet look of Invisalign orthodontics is a great perk for adolescents who might be too embarrassed to have visible metal orthodontics. Invisalign might even be ideal for more mature patients who don’t want their teeth aligning option to interfere with their working lives.

Easy for Any Patient’s Life
While traditional braces frequently catch food particles and bacteria, clear trays are removed from the mouth before consuming food, reducing these problems. But in order to gain the desired effects and avoid dragging out your orthodontic care, Invisalign liners should only be removed for drinking and eating, as well as when cleaning the teeth. Also, it is crucial to brush and floss the teeth after eating and prior to reinserting the aligners to decrease the chance of plaque and food debris getting stuck between the teeth and aligner.

Faster Treatment Option for Teeth Alignment Concerns
In a number of instances, treatment using Invisalign aligners requires less time when compared to traditional metal braces. Many adults and teens who choose the Invisalign system only have small problems to take care of, such as teeth that are moderately crooked, whereas others receive this solution for more essential treatment needs, including malocclusions. The degree of the issue generally will determine treatment length, but for several people, orthodontic treatment with Invisalign aligners ranges from half a year to 1.5 years on average.

Improved Dental Wellness and Aesthetic Appeal
Fixing the teeth through an orthodontic solution produces teeth that are less difficult to clean properly, minimizing the chance of cavities and periodontal recession. Because Invisalign clear liners are easy to take out of the mouth, the enamel and gum tissue can receive proper home care when contrasted with the challenges that come with tooth brushing and flossing around bulky metal brackets and archwires. Picking Invisalign to address your orthodontic problems may also reduce certain additional risks that accompany metal braces, such as the heightened development of cavities and periodontal disease from plaque gathering near the brackets and wires.

Invisalign appliances might be a great option for younger individuals and adults alike in Monaca, PA who wish to remain inconspicuous about their ortho care. No matter what your desire for orthodontic care might be, we encourage you to talk with our experienced team at DentalWorks – Beaver Valley to discover if Invisalign might be an ideal option for your oral health problems. Invisalign orthodontics offers a convenient, clear alternative for aligning the teeth and might be the solution you’re seeking to attain your healthiest smile.