Why You Need An Annual Dental Examination

A full mouth series helps your dentist look for damage to your jaw, cysts, plus other problems.

Make sure you and your family have healthy smiles by scheduling annual dental examinations with a board-certified dentist in Columbus, OH. Regular dental exams check for common oral health issues (for example, cavities and gum disease) so it is possible to address them before they develop into big, painful problems. At DentalWorks – Easton, we offer dental exams for patients of all ages. Our team is compassionate and gentle so you have a pleasant experience at the dentist’s office, which makes is much easier to come back every year. If you have anxiety or fears about visiting the dentist, ask about scheduling a consultation for sedation dentistry to keep you calm and relaxed during your dental examination. Our team in Columbus, OH hopes to see you and your whole family to perform your annual dental exams!